Single Review: Kozen – To The Wind

Kozen single 'To The Wind' Artwork

Kozen are a hard rock group from Toronto, Canada made up of Maxwell Kozen on Guitar/Vocals, Simone Harrison on Keyboard/Vocals, Jericho Leal on Guitar and Jared Leal on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing Kozen’s single ‘To The Wild’. 'To The Wind’ opens with a nice little riff, and reverbed vocals that merge into an excellent… Continue reading Single Review: Kozen – To The Wind

Band Interview: In The Company of Souls

In the Company of Souls Band Photo

So first of how did you all meet? We were both active in the local music scene working with different bands in a similar genre and eventually decided to try out writing together. We both grew up listening to similar music and the first few songs we wrote together went so smoothly we decided that… Continue reading Band Interview: In The Company of Souls

Band Interview: Ambivist

Ambivist Logo

Ambivist are a progressive hard rock band from Ayrshire made up of Sean Murtaugh on Vocals/Guitar, Michael Todd on Drums/Vocals, Paul Miller on Bass and Ross Elias on Guitar. So first of how did you all meet? SM: "Declan (originally a perspective member of the band) approached me in the corridor at school and asked… Continue reading Band Interview: Ambivist