Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Different

Djana Gabrielle Single 'Different' Artwork

Let me tell you a little bit about Djana Gabrielle, she’s a singer-songwriter based in Glasgow but originally from Cameroon, and she plays soulful indie/folk music. I’ve previously reviewed her work and you can check that out here. Also if you want to find out more about her then you can check out this interview… Continue reading Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Different

Band Interview: The Big Nowhere

The Big Nowhere Band Photo

So first off how did you all meet? Simon - Me and Billy (guitar) knew each other a little from playing in bands and our bands doing shows with each other. Terry and Colin (bass and drums) played in the band with Billy. But it wasn’t until Billy started working in the same music shop… Continue reading Band Interview: The Big Nowhere

Author Interview: Hal Duncan

Hal Duncan Author Photo

First off, Tell me about yourself? Well, the homophobic hate mail labelled me "THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!!" (sic) and that seems as good an intro as any. I'm a queer writer, mostly known for science fiction and fantasy, but I do a fair bit of spoken word too, not exactly the shy and retiring type,… Continue reading Author Interview: Hal Duncan

Solo Musician Interview: Suzie Graham

Suzie G (Patsy Cline Tribute) Photo

First off, tell me about yourself? My name is Suzie Graham and I’m a Patsy Cline Tribute artist from Glasgow. I have always sung in bands since I was about 15 however, was always told I had a “country twang” even when I sang in rock bands. I now work as a Patsy Cline tribute… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Suzie Graham

Band Interview: The Bleeders

The Bleeders Band Artwork

So first of how did you all meet? We first met in the school soul band and have been making terrible music together ever since. Where are you all from? We’re both from Glasgow. How long have you been playing your respective instruments? I think Daniel has been playing drums for about 12 years. I… Continue reading Band Interview: The Bleeders

Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Unrevealed

Djana Gabrielle ‘Unrevealed' Artwork

I had the pleasure of meeting Djana Gabrielle about two years ago now, and I’ve been a fan of her soothing indie/folk music since I first heard it, if you want to read about my first experience with her music then you can check out this review, and while you’re at it you can find… Continue reading Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Unrevealed

Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – The Lake

Djana Gabrielle ‘The Lake' Artwork

We now have a review of the single ‘The Lake’ which is powerful song by singer-songwriter Djana Gabrielle, you can learn a little more about her by checking out this interview from a while back and get a better impression of her sound by reading this review. The Lake (June) was inspired by an illustration,… Continue reading Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – The Lake

Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Personal Jesus

Djana Gabrielle 'Personal Jesus' Artwork

So today I’ll Be reviewing ‘Personal Jesus’ a track by Djana Gabrielle, a talented Glasgow based musician, this track is part of an ongoing project where she releases a new piece of music each month, this track is for the month of May. Make sure and check out this interview I did with her and… Continue reading Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Personal Jesus

Band Interview: Savona

Savona Band Photo

So first of how did you all meet? Well Wes and Gareth have been close friends for about 12 years and then we met other members of the band Ram & Pablo (before they left with work commitments) through a mutual friend in Edinburgh and the music blossomed from there. More recently we met the… Continue reading Band Interview: Savona

Single Review: Swearwolves – Strings

Swearwolves single 'Strings' Artwork

Swearwolves are a three piece, Indie rock band based in Glasgow and today I’ll be reviewing their debut single ‘Strings’. ‘Strings’ opens with some smooth guitars and some incredibly strong vocals, they alone would make this a great track, but the rhythm of the guitar really packs a wallop as well. I tend to review… Continue reading Single Review: Swearwolves – Strings