Dear S. by Laura Lodahl

The way you say 'Earth' sounds ancient. You are from the home of my soul, a place whose beauty breaks my heart time and time again. You call mountains ‘beinns’, valleys ‘glens’ and lakes 'lochs’. Its meandering rivers are your veins and the forests your lungs; every day you give me life. Now I am … Continue reading Dear S. by Laura Lodahl

3 am by Laura Lodahl

You know this space, Right there, right between shoulder and ear, Just big enough for you to rest your head at night. This is where you seek shelter, From your nightmares and your demons. You have buried your dreams there and your hopes. It’s where the things left unsaid are waiting for us, Waiting to … Continue reading 3 am by Laura Lodahl

Product Review: Crunchips (paprika flavour)

Crunchips are a product of Lorenz Snack-World, a German food manufacturer, known for producing a range of potato chips but also produce pretzel sticks, crackers and nuts to over 80 countries across the world. Lorenz HQ is based in Neu-Isenburg (near Frankfurt) but they also have branches in around the world, including Austria, Poland and … Continue reading Product Review: Crunchips (paprika flavour)

Single Review: Atlanta Arrival – Colliding Stars

Atlanta Arrival are a band from Germany made up of Andreas Klemens on Guitar, Matthias Recktenwald on Bass, Daniel Rimedio on Vocals, Andreas Fischer on Vocals/Synth and the late Björn Mertz on Drums. The track I’ll be reviewing today ‘Colliding Stars’ is a tribute to their drummer, Björn Mertz who sadly passed away from cancer. … Continue reading Single Review: Atlanta Arrival – Colliding Stars