ACME Comic Con 2022

I want to start this post off with a quick apology for the delay in getting this post up on the site, you see I was fortunate enough to be granted a press pass for myself and my team to cover the event. This was a big milestone for me, as it made me feel … Continue reading ACME Comic Con 2022

Food Review: Razorwire Energy (Various Flavours)

Razorwire Energy is a brand of nootropic energy products, I’ve previously talked about Nootropics on the site before, and you can check that out here for a more in depth discussion on that but Razorwire make a range of low calorie, water-soluble powdered energy drinks. In addition they also make a line of lightly carbonated … Continue reading Food Review: Razorwire Energy (Various Flavours)

Food Review: G Fuel (Various Flavours)

G Fuel, often stylised as G FUEL is a caffeinated drink mix, which entered the market in 2012, and is sold by Gamma Labs, which is based in West Babylon, New York. When it was first released G Fuel only produced a variety of flavoured, water-soluble powders, although they have since expanded the product line … Continue reading Food Review: G Fuel (Various Flavours)

Game Review: Cat Bird

So first up, some core details about the game, it’s a beautiful 2D Platformer, created by Ryan Carag, an artist, designer and programmer through his independent games studio, Raiyumi. Music for the game was created by Julien Mier. It was created using Stencyl, a freely available to use, video game development tool which allows users … Continue reading Game Review: Cat Bird

Static Games

I love Glasgow. I love games. And there's no greater synergy of those to aspects than Static Games. It's just a wee bit further outside of the main City Centre than I usually go when shopping but fortunately during a birthday outing, Joe from American Munchies was nice enough to take us and it instantly … Continue reading Static Games


Okay, first up before we actually get into things, I need to state up front that I am in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Mistplay or any of its subsidiaries. In fact I don’t have any sponsors, so if you’re interested in a fair and honest review of your product and/or service feel … Continue reading Mistplay

Interview with Anasthera (Studio Lovelies)

First off, tell me about yourself and the rest of the core team at Studio Lovelies?I’m Anasthera and I’m the Game Director at Studio Lovelies, nice to meetcha! Me, Gof, DiscoDuro, Epik, SaveStateCorrupted, Jape, Benido, Savior of the Eggs, Isaac and Koda are the core people who made the game, and more or less we’re … Continue reading Interview with Anasthera (Studio Lovelies)

Food Review: Valentine’s Day Themed Drinks (Tempo Tea Bar)

So anyone who has been a fan of this blog for a while will know that both Tori B Bearly and I are huge fans of Tempo Tea Bar, if not check out this and this, so we jumped at the chance to try their awesome Valentine’s Day themed drinks. It will be available throughout … Continue reading Food Review: Valentine’s Day Themed Drinks (Tempo Tea Bar)

Game Review: Choice of the Deathless

So this post, much like the Choice of the Vampire review, should have gone up a long time ago, but for some reason it was just missed and I only noticed when I went to share it with someone and realised it had never gone up. So first of apologies for that, and feel free … Continue reading Game Review: Choice of the Deathless

Game Review: Choice of the Vampire

So I was recently talking about how awesome the Choice of Games series was, when I noticed that the reviews I wrote of my favourite games never went up, they were supposed to be posted alongside this interview with Jason Stevan Hill, the co-founder of the company, which was done back in 2018 but for … Continue reading Game Review: Choice of the Vampire

Game Review: Game Grumps: Joint Justice

Game Grumps: Joint Justice is a fan made game which sees the Game Grumps, Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, who are Grump and Not So Grump respectively, defend Jory (of P.P.I.S.S fame) when he is accused of stealing the 10 Minute Power Hour dinosaurs. The entire game is a parody of the Ace Attorney series … Continue reading Game Review: Game Grumps: Joint Justice

Interview with Julián Quijano (Beautiful Glitch)

First off, tell me about the team at Beautiful Glitch? We're based in Barcelona, for the most part. But lots of our collaborators work from other countries. We are people who rarely come from the videogame industry. Novelists, musical writers, illustrators, graphic designers, people from advertising, etc. What advice would you give to someone trying … Continue reading Interview with Julián Quijano (Beautiful Glitch)

Top 10: Egoraptor Videos

Arin Hanson, better known by his online pseudonym Egoraptor is an American animator, voice actor and YouTuber. He initially became famous for his flash animations posted on Newgrounds, in fact despite moving away from animating, he is still the third most subscribed user on the site, with 49,219 subscribers on the platform as of the … Continue reading Top 10: Egoraptor Videos

Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

I started playing this game last year on the recommendation from someone at Game Centre, a now defunct retail store focusing on selling computer games and various other gaming paraphernalia. Tori B Bearly and I downloaded it immediately and just got sucked into it. It’s easily the equal of its sister games such as Mario … Continue reading Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

Game Review: Among Us

Maybe the Imposters were the friends we made along the way. I promised myself I’d include that line in here somewhere and figured why shoot for organic content when nonsense works just as well.  Anyway, today I’ll be reviewing Among Us, a game originally released in mid 2018, which did not receive the attention it … Continue reading Game Review: Among Us