Game Review: Cat Bird

So first up, some core details about the game, it’s a beautiful 2D Platformer, created by Ryan Carag, an artist, designer and programmer through his independent games studio, Raiyumi. Music for the game was created by Julien Mier. It was created using Stencyl, a freely available to use, video game development tool which allows users … Continue reading Game Review: Cat Bird


Okay, first up before we actually get into things, I need to state up front that I am in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Mistplay or any of its subsidiaries. In fact I don’t have any sponsors, so if you’re interested in a fair and honest review of your product and/or service feel … Continue reading Mistplay

Interview with Julián Quijano (Beautiful Glitch)

First off, tell me about the team at Beautiful Glitch? We're based in Barcelona, for the most part. But lots of our collaborators work from other countries. We are people who rarely come from the videogame industry. Novelists, musical writers, illustrators, graphic designers, people from advertising, etc. What advice would you give to someone trying … Continue reading Interview with Julián Quijano (Beautiful Glitch)