Interview with Jason Stevan Hill (Choice of Games)

Jason Stevan Hill Author Photo

First off tell me about yourself? And your role in Choice of Games? I’m the co-founder and COO of the company. I wrote Vampire and Fall of Memphis, and I’m working on the third title (intermittently). Now tell me about Choice of Games and what exactly is the company does? Choice of Games is a developer… Continue reading Interview with Jason Stevan Hill (Choice of Games)

Interview with Joel Staaf Hästö (Kathy Rain)

Joel Staaf Hästö Image

Okay so tell me about yourself? I’m 31, Swedish, and I live near Stockholm, Sweden together with my girlfriend. I’m a full time indie dev, working on my own games from home since 2015. What other games have you worked on? Kathy Rain is my first project in a creative capacity, but before that I… Continue reading Interview with Joel Staaf Hästö (Kathy Rain)

Interview with Werner Spahl (Wesp5)

Interview with Wesp5

Another Interview to go along with my review of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, this time i’m speaking to Werner Spahl also know as Wesp5 who’s been integral to the support and development of the game for at least ten years now. He’s been the driving force behind the unofficial patch for the game which… Continue reading Interview with Werner Spahl (Wesp5)

Interview with Kenneth Hite (Table Top Game Designer)

Kenneth Hite Photo

So to go along with my review of the frankly incredible video game, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines I thought I'd go all the way back to where Vampire: the masquerade began, it had its humble beginnings as a tabletop game in 1991 and has grown massively since then expanding to a whole ‘world of… Continue reading Interview with Kenneth Hite (Table Top Game Designer)

Interview with Daniel Korican (STVGP)

STVGP Cover Art

So I was lucky enough to get an interview with the maker of the Star Trek Voyager Game Project and if you want to check out what he's doing then have a look at the STVGP Facebook page. So now that I’ve introduced you to the project check out the interview below: Okay first off… Continue reading Interview with Daniel Korican (STVGP)