Food Review: Vegan Ham and Cheeze Baguette (Greggs)

Greggs is a UK based bakery chain, which sells a variety of delicious products including sausage rolls (both vegan and meat based), sandwiches, pies, sweets, confections and various bakes; including chicken, steak and cheese & onion. You can pop into any of the over 2000 locations across the UK and purchase any of these lovely … Continue reading Food Review: Vegan Ham and Cheeze Baguette (Greggs)

Food Review: Sneak Energy (Various Flavours)

So I started seeing adverts for Sneak Energy about a year ago, no doubt because of the wide variety of energy drink reviews I’ve done on this site. But Sneak Energy looked really interesting, it was founded by Jonny Teeling in 2018, with the intention of creating a unique and healthy energy drink specifically targeted … Continue reading Food Review: Sneak Energy (Various Flavours)

Food Review: Coca Cola Energy

Okay, so let’s start off with a little bit about Coca Cola, or rather the The Coca-Cola Company, they have been around in some form for nearly 130 years, and are named for their product, Coca Cola which has been available for over 130 years. I have technically already reviewed Coca Cola Energy, which is … Continue reading Food Review: Coca Cola Energy

Food Review: Irn Bru Energy

The regular readers of this blog might recognise that we’ve technically already done a review of Irn Bru energy, and that’s true but that was a comparison and so I felt it was about time I reviewed them both individually, besides I don’t like Irn Bru having to share coverage with Coca Cola so here … Continue reading Food Review: Irn Bru Energy

Food Review: Meatless Meatball Marinara (Subway)

Firstly, the obligatory more about section, Subway as you most likely know is a fast food franchise, named for its specialty item, submarine sandwiches or subs. It has been around since 1965, and was founded by Fred DeLuca, a 17 year old and financed by Pete Buck, a businessman. It was renamed to Subway from … Continue reading Food Review: Meatless Meatball Marinara (Subway)

Food Review: Plant-based Whopper (Burger King)

So I’ve already talked about Burger King in my review of the Vegan Royale so I’ll keep this brief, Burger King are an international fast food chain, who have been in operation since the 1950s, and are currently owned by Restaurant Brands International Inc, which is a Canadian-based multinational fast food holding company formed as … Continue reading Food Review: Plant-based Whopper (Burger King)

Food Review: Vegan Royale (Burger King)

First off, a little about Burger King, they are an American multinational chain of fast food restaurants, originally founded in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, in Jacksonville, Florida. However after running into financial problems, its two Miami based franchisees, David Edgerton and James McLamore purchased the company and rebranded it as Burger King. Since then the … Continue reading Food Review: Vegan Royale (Burger King)

Food Review: KFC Vegan Chicken Burger

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American fast food chain, founded on March 20th 1940 by Harland Sanders, also known as the Colonel. It should be noted that he was not a military man, the title of colonel was instead honorary, as in a Kentucky Colonel, which is apparently the highest title of honour … Continue reading Food Review: KFC Vegan Chicken Burger

Food Review: Veggie Dippers (McDonald’s)

McDonald’s is a fast food company, which started in America in 1940 and has since spread to over 100 countries, with over 37,855 outlets as of 2018. It was founded by siblings Richard and Maurice McDonald, neither of whom you’ll be surprised to learn were clowns, in fact the ‘popular’ McDonalds Mascot, Ronald McDonald wasn’t … Continue reading Food Review: Veggie Dippers (McDonald’s)

Food Review: Vegan Steak Bake (Greggs)

I’ve talked about Greggs before, in fact the last time was when I was reviewing their Vegan Sausage Roll, which you can check out here if you are interested. So I won’t give you the full introduction to the company, what I will say is that Greggs is a UK based bakery chain, which sells … Continue reading Food Review: Vegan Steak Bake (Greggs)

Food Review: Nongshim Noodles (Kimchi Ramyun Noodle Soup)

Nongshim Noodles are a strong favourite of mine, those of you who read my Koka Noodles product review will remember that not only am I a connoisseur of noodles but also I take them very seriously so here we go again with another product review. As usual, before we move on to the actual review … Continue reading Food Review: Nongshim Noodles (Kimchi Ramyun Noodle Soup)

Food Review: Vegan Sausage Roll (Greggs)

As usual for these product reviews, let's start with a little background on the company. Greggs plc is a UK based bakery chain, in fact it's the largest in the country. It sells a variety of products include pies, bakes, sausage rolls, sandwiches and a variety of sweets and confections including yum yums, doughnuts and … Continue reading Food Review: Vegan Sausage Roll (Greggs)

Food Review: Koka Noodles

So I want to say before I start that Koka Noodles by and large are among the best Noodle brands out there. Now a little bit about them and the company that makes them. Koka are a brand of instant noodles, available both as packets or cup noodles. They are manufactured by Tat Hui Pte. … Continue reading Food Review: Koka Noodles