Author Interview: Jenni Gudgeon

First off, tell me about yourself? I’m a blue eyed, blue haired, photographic artist and writer from Fife, Scotland, who’s written and illustrated a book about the fairytale creatures who live in my local woods. My artwork is created by etching (or scraping) designs into the emulsion of my photographs, so I can combine the … Continue reading Author Interview: Jenni Gudgeon

Book Review: Folkland Fables by Jenni Gudgeon

Folkland Fables was published 23rd March 2018 and is similar in overall style to the 2001 book written by J.K Rowling called ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, although this includes wonderful illustrations which add a lot to the book. This story encourages you to use ‘Fairy Sight’ to find the creatures in Folkland … Continue reading Book Review: Folkland Fables by Jenni Gudgeon

Single Review: Saus and The Secret Soulmates – Good Morning People

Saus and The Secret Soulmates are a five piece band from Fife, David Saus is the leader singer, and he formed the rest of the band around him to continue bringing out a very unique brand of music. Today I’ll be reviewing their new single ‘Good Morning People’. ‘Good Morning People’ opens with the clacking … Continue reading Single Review: Saus and The Secret Soulmates – Good Morning People

EP Review: Groucho Underdog – The Groucho Way

Groucho Underdog are a four piece Alternative punk rock band from Dundee, Edinburgh and Fife made up of Groucho Mark on Guitars/Vox, Groucho Niall on Guitars, Groucho Shaun on Bass and Groucho Bez on Drums. ‘Do You Feel? [Sjaans Song]’ has an awesome little guitar riff to start us off and it builds perfectly till … Continue reading EP Review: Groucho Underdog – The Groucho Way

Band Interview: Playing With Punkarella

So first of how did you all meet? Lee: We met through a mutual friend but at the time I didn’t realise Kim could sing. A year or so later I was keen to get the band up and running again after a long break. We demoed a few songs and we seemed to work … Continue reading Band Interview: Playing With Punkarella

Solo Musician Interview: Ali McGowan

Ali Mcgowan is a central-belt-based musician and solo recording artist. I have reviews of some of their music coming up over the next day or two so keep your eyes peeled for that. Where are you from? I’m a Fifer originally! Moving through to Edinburgh for university was an excellent decision, and it’s been my … Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Ali McGowan

Author Interview: S.C Wright

Here's an Interview I did with author S.C Wright, where she talks about herself, her inspirations and her books. Okay tell me about yourself Well, most importantly to me, I'm autistic and writing is my thing. I've never been shy of admitting it as I want other autistics to know that the sky's the limit. … Continue reading Author Interview: S.C Wright

Author Interview: Ian Rankin

Check out my Interview with Edinburgh based crime writer Ian Rankin. I reached out to him as part of a college project back in 2013.