Single Review: Beth Macari – Gotta Get Back

Beth Macari is easily one of the best musicians I had the pleasure of listening to in 2020, they are from Newcastle and bring a whole heap of soul and R&B to the North East of England. This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed them either, you can check out more here. Today though I … Continue reading Single Review: Beth Macari – Gotta Get Back

Single Review: Utada – Easy Breezy

So I initially came across the artist because Game Grumps talked about her during their Super Mario Galaxy playthrough, which you can check out here, I felt that perhaps the criticism was unfounded and wanted to check her track out for myself. Anyway Utada Hikaru (who is also known as Hikaru Utada or simply Utada) … Continue reading Single Review: Utada – Easy Breezy