Psychic Circle Oddities

Psychic Circle Oddities is a Los Angeles based business which was started in 2012 by owner and operator Suzy Berhow, who is more commonly known on the internet as Mortem3r. She is the host of KittyKatGaming, which we’ve talked about here on Off the Record before and you can click here and here to check … Continue reading Psychic Circle Oddities

Band Interview: Twin Heart

Twin Heart are a three piece emo/Alt Rock group from Ayrshire made up of Dawn Baxter on Guitar/Lead Vocals, Murray Baxter on Drums/Vocals and Owen Burt on Bass/Vocals. I've reviewed Twin Heart and you can check that out here and here.  So first off how did you all meet? Dawn and Murray met at college … Continue reading Band Interview: Twin Heart

EP Review: Twin Heart – Progress: Decline

Twin Heart were an Ayrshire based three piece Alternative/Emo/Aggressive Pop group who were together from the 22nd July 2014 to the 27th July 2019. Two members of the band, Murray and Dawn previously performed in a band called Mechanical Smile, alongside Callum McClune and Nic Pilmer. Mechanical Smile having existed from 2009 - 2014. After … Continue reading EP Review: Twin Heart – Progress: Decline