Interview with Dave Gilbert (Emerald City Confidential)

First off, tell me about yourself? Hi! I’m Dave Gilbert, head of Wadjet Eye Games. I’m 42 years old, live in Brooklyn with my wife and kid, and have been a full-time indie dev since 2006. What games do you remember most from your childhood, and do you feel they influence/influenced how you make games? … Continue reading Interview with Dave Gilbert (Emerald City Confidential)

Game Review: Emerald City Confidential

Emerald City Confidential is a truly spectacular game Developed by Wadjet Eye Games (who also developed Resonance) and Published by PlayFirst, on February 19th 2009. I was lucky enough to get an Interview with Dave Gilbert, the designer behind the game, so if you want to find out a little more about him and Emerald … Continue reading Game Review: Emerald City Confidential