New Horizons (Part 1) by John Foster

A couple of years ago I wrote a book about music. The first pandemic lockdown was a month old; no one had any idea as to how long it might last, nor how it might end. We all shared similar fears, worries and concerns. But now that I was working from home, I found that … Continue reading New Horizons (Part 1) by John Foster

Single Review: D•SIPAUL – It’s No Good

D•SIPAUL captivates with his new electronic fused anthem, 'It's No Good'. It is the type of track which you can play time and time again, and each time it brings something new.  It all gets underway with a subterranean bass which rises to the top of the mix with a quirky texture. The beat then … Continue reading Single Review: D•SIPAUL – It’s No Good

Single Review: Deanna Devore – Lately

Deanna Devore is an Electronic/Alternative singer-songwriter based in Chicago and Toronto and today I will be reviewing their single ‘Lately’ which was released on January 2nd 2020.  ‘Lately’ starts off slowly, light percussion and a nice vibing synthy intro that merges with the sonorous vocals that hold a lot of energy and roll over you … Continue reading Single Review: Deanna Devore – Lately

Single Review: Heartstreets – Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)

Heartstreets Are an electronic influenced hip-hop & R&B duo from Canada made up of childhood friends Emma Beko and Gab Godon. Today I’ll be reviewing their single ‘Good Thing (feat. A-SHO) from their new album ‘Why Make Sense’. ‘Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)’ is packed with energy from the get go, it has this quirky, electronic … Continue reading Single Review: Heartstreets – Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)

Single Review: HEZEN – Bring Your Alibi

HEZEN is a talented singer-songwriter and Electronic musician from Paris but currently based in London, and today I’ll be reviewing her latest single ‘Bring Your Alibi’, a truly electric track which which references the topic of the #MeToo movement and the people who’ve spoken out against the likes of Harvey Weinstein. ‘Bring your Alibi’ has … Continue reading Single Review: HEZEN – Bring Your Alibi

EP Review: R.Missing – Unsummering

R. Missing is a group who from what I can gather on their social media have built their image on mystery and intrigue. The group appears to be made up of She Missing who handles the the Vocals/Bass and He Missing who handles the the more enigmatic 'other' portion of the musical workload. While I … Continue reading EP Review: R.Missing – Unsummering

Album Review: Monkoora – Nuclear BB

Monkoora (real name - Julie Fern Crawford) is a 22-year-old producer, singer and visual artist based in Glasgow. I'll be reviewing her EP 'Nuclear BB' which was released on the 21st April 2017. ‘Bocx Wurld’ First off this song had a tremendous music video which you should all check out as well. It goes incredibly … Continue reading Album Review: Monkoora – Nuclear BB