Game Review: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Dragon Ball Z - Budokai Artwork

It is hard to convey with mere words the sense of nostalgia flowing over me as I write up this review, because honestly this game was a big part of my childhood. I remember running home after school every day to play this game. But while we like to be positive here I’ll try to… Continue reading Game Review: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai

Game Review: Dragon Ball Z – Dokkan Battle

Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle

This is going to be the start of a series of review on Android/Iphone games and I picked one of my favourites to start off with: Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free to play adventure game made by Bandai Namco which in terms of game design isn’t the most innovative but nonetheless is… Continue reading Game Review: Dragon Ball Z – Dokkan Battle

TV Review: Dragonball Super

Dragonball Super

Dragonball Super is the long awaited continuation of the Dragonball franchise. For anyone who is familiar with the storyline, the show takes place in a period of peace after the main characters have eradicated the powerful enemy called Majin Buu. As a massive fan of the series for most of my life I'd been eagerly… Continue reading TV Review: Dragonball Super

Movie Review: DragonBall Z – Dead Zone

Dragonball Z: Dead Zone

It might not be my favourite of the Dragonball Z movies, in fact now that I come to think about it it's not even in my top five but it does hold the proud honour of being the first movie to hold the Dragonball Z name (while being the fourth movie overall in the franchise)… Continue reading Movie Review: DragonBall Z – Dead Zone