Top 10: David Mitchell’s Soapbox Videos

David Mitchell is a British actor, comedian and writer. He is known for his starring role in Peep Show (the longest running comedy in Channel 4 history) where he plays Mark Corrigan, alongside his long term comedy partner Robert Webb who played Jeremy "Jez" Usborne. He is also known for starring in and writing for … Continue reading Top 10: David Mitchell’s Soapbox Videos

Top 10: Male Comedians (UK)

Everyone loves to laugh, I've always enjoyed comedy, not just for it's capacity to make people happy, but also for it's ability to poke and prod at the social fabric, and tackle topics which otherwise might be taboo. In particular I like stand-up comedy, there's something just so engaging about someone up on stage, and … Continue reading Top 10: Male Comedians (UK)

Radio Review: Blocked – Sitcom Pilot

So this is a weird one, but something that I wanted to talk about anyway, Now I’m not sure how many people will know about, let alone remember this Radio 4 Pilot but I think not only is it worth talking about but also worth listening to as well. I’ll include a link at the … Continue reading Radio Review: Blocked – Sitcom Pilot