198 Days by Chloe Copland

I ask you to stand up. You don’t believe me. I am taller. Standing close to you, proving my point. I’m two inches taller. A single strand of light brown hair runs along your cheek. I move it away. Holding my hand against the soft skin. Slowly smiling looking deep into your aqua eyes. I … Continue reading 198 Days by Chloe Copland

The Itch by Chloe Copland

They said it starts with an itch. They lied. It was more like goosebumps, it wasn't constant, it mostly occurred when there was a slight breeze in the air, that's how it felt anyway. The feeling of someone watching you from a distance begins to creep up on you, the hair on the back of … Continue reading The Itch by Chloe Copland

Loss by Chris Hamill

I kneel on the cold wet road, holding his head up off the ground as the rain batters down on us. My breathing is short and ragged, body shaking, not from the cold, but from the fear of losing him. I give him a gentle shake, trying to keep him awake. His eyes half open, … Continue reading Loss by Chris Hamill

The Other Repoman By Victoria Anderson

The eerily sterile singing room, Shining under the white hanging lights, Shining silver table with brown leather restraints tied tight, Blood flowing and stopping at the wrists and ankles. The body lying lifeless and turning purple, Beside a silver table with used tools and morbid toys, Dripping scarlet blood from a female chest, Staining the … Continue reading The Other Repoman By Victoria Anderson

Deep Inside by Thomas Neil

Hold the hand that's hard of heart, For they shall not weep if you depart. No tear-filled eyes just a steadfast face, But their heart is racing a pounding pace. Deep inside they feel such sorrow, Missing their emotions and they wish to borrow. Time passes quickly and yet nothing has changed, Once so close … Continue reading Deep Inside by Thomas Neil

Flight on Newborn Wings by Thomas Neil

Bitten broken leaves, Bent from their branches by tiny little thieves. Cocooned and caged as it makes changes for life, Suddenly breaking through like a sharp-thorned knife. First deep breath as it breaks forth to flee, Unexpectedly spinning through the skies so free. Once it felt like it was dying, Now so graceful and beauty … Continue reading Flight on Newborn Wings by Thomas Neil

From the Shadows by Thomas Neil

From within the shadows and faded dark, You passed so close and brought a spark. Once I thought that I was blind, till you held out a hand to find. Do not fear and do not be scared, for we're both unsure of what we shared. I'm finding words to help me say, that my … Continue reading From the Shadows by Thomas Neil

Traveller by Thomas Neil

Having travelled many roads, Burdened by many loads. Rivers rapid at their crossing, Heaving waves with their heavy tossing. The weary desert sun, From the shade we stand and prepare to run. Then comes the heavy darkened rain, The sweet sun lovers bane. So many roads to travel, Soft crunch of foot on gravel. To … Continue reading Traveller by Thomas Neil

Follow the Moon by Thomas Neil

The soft buzzing of the street lights carried well into the night, a perfect undertone to the ebb and flow of the footsteps as people plodded along on the street below. The gracious night had finally come and with it a fresh breeze that filled the air with an assortment of scents, from the decay … Continue reading Follow the Moon by Thomas Neil