TV Review: Love, Victor (Season 1)

“Love, Victor” (2020) is a television spin-off of the 2018 movie, Love Simon. Set in the same town and school as the original movie, the series follows the titular Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) as he navigates high school, relationships, and sexuality.While the original movie was well received upon release, there was some criticism that it … Continue reading TV Review: Love, Victor (Season 1)

TV Review: Bonding (Season 1)

Episode 1: Old Friends, New Names The opening to the series begins with Pete nervously making his way into a red-lit hallway, with several people in different BDSM and Fetish gear, as well as a man being forced out for violence against an unseen Mistress. This then expands into Pete being admitted to see “Mistress … Continue reading TV Review: Bonding (Season 1)

Loss by Chris Hamill

I kneel on the cold wet road, holding his head up off the ground as the rain batters down on us. My breathing is short and ragged, body shaking, not from the cold, but from the fear of losing him. I give him a gentle shake, trying to keep him awake. His eyes half open, … Continue reading Loss by Chris Hamill

LGBT Lives: Gay Q&A with Chris Hamill

Q: First off are you/do you consider yourself to be Gay? A: Yes, completely gay. Q: And what does that mean? A: I am attracted, sexually and romantically, to other men. Q: What was the process to discovering your sexuality? A: A general feeling of difference. While everyone else was chasing after lassies, I had … Continue reading LGBT Lives: Gay Q&A with Chris Hamill

Welcome to the World of Cosplay

Cosplaying has become more and more mainstream over the past ten years or so, I can still remember how just a few years ago it would have been regarded as weird for people to leave the house dressed as their favourite video game character but fortunately those times are passing. Sure, you might still get … Continue reading Welcome to the World of Cosplay