Game Review: Roommates

Roommates is a Ren'Py based visual novel and dating/romance game from Winter Wolves, a game developer, I was lucky enough in fact to get an interview with Celso Riva the person behind Winter Wolves and Roommates which you can check out here. Anyway, Roommates, as I said up top is a visual novel, it was … Continue reading Game Review: Roommates

Interview with Celso Riva (Winter Wolves/Roommate)

First off, tell me about yourself? And how you got into game designing? My name is Celso Riva and I'm 45 years old indie developer from Italy. I got into game design/coding when I was about 16-17, then went to work for a small local gaming company (was around 1994-95). Then around 2003-04 I discovered … Continue reading Interview with Celso Riva (Winter Wolves/Roommate)