Solo Artist Interview: Benjii

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Tell me about yourself? Let’s see. Raised in the prairies of SK, and have been living in Vancouver now for about 7 years. Quarter of a century old, and have a large obsession with Back to the Future, Zelda, and pizza. I also make music sometimes What Instrument(s) do you play, if any? And how… Continue reading Solo Artist Interview: Benjii

Single Review: Kozen – To The Wind

Kozen single 'To The Wind' Artwork

Kozen are a hard rock group from Toronto, Canada made up of Maxwell Kozen on Guitar/Vocals, Simone Harrison on Keyboard/Vocals, Jericho Leal on Guitar and Jared Leal on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing Kozen’s single ‘To The Wild’. 'To The Wind’ opens with a nice little riff, and reverbed vocals that merge into an excellent… Continue reading Single Review: Kozen – To The Wind

Single Review: Amanda Rheaume – The Skin I’m In

Amanda Rheaume single 'The Skin I’m In' Artwork

Amanda Rheaume is a singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Canada who performs powerful Folk/Americana music. Today I’ll be reviewing her latest track ‘The Skin I’m In’. If you want to find out more about the artist the check out this interview I did with her.  ‘The Skin I’m In’ has a slow, mellow opening, guitars and a… Continue reading Single Review: Amanda Rheaume – The Skin I’m In

Single Review: AlphaCub – Night Heart

AlphaCub single 'Night Heart' Artwork

AlphaCub is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada and today I’ll be reviewing ‘Night Heart’ the title track from his upcoming LP which will be released on March 22nd 2019. ‘Night Heart’ has a dark, gritty electronic intro which leads into a  really nice beat, that carries you through the song. And Jeez, this song is… Continue reading Single Review: AlphaCub – Night Heart

Single Review: Mindbender Supreme – Challenge Day

Mindbender Supreme single 'Challenge Day' Artwork

Adhimi ‘Addi’ Stewart known as Mindbender Supreme, is a musician and hip-hop artist from Toronto, Canada. He is apparently well know in the Toronto rap scene, where he’s usually either performing or attending. A rapper and music Journalist, Mindbender Supreme has a wide and diverse range of interests and talents both musically and broadly speaking.… Continue reading Single Review: Mindbender Supreme – Challenge Day

Single Review: Heartstreets – Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)

Heartstreets single 'Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)' Artwork

Heartstreets Are an electronic influenced hip-hop & R&B duo from Canada made up of childhood friends Emma Beko and Gab Godon. Today I’ll be reviewing their single ‘Good Thing (feat. A-SHO) from their new album ‘Why Make Sense’. ‘Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)’ is packed with energy from the get go, it has this quirky, electronic… Continue reading Single Review: Heartstreets – Good Thing (feat. A-SHO)

Album Review: Royal – Heart of Shadows

Royal is a Canadian independent recording artist who crosses genres combining dream, Electro and pop music for a unique sound. Today I’ll be reviewing her new album ‘Heart of Shadows’ which was released on November 2nd 2018. And if you want to find out more about Royal then check out this Interview I did with… Continue reading Album Review: Royal – Heart of Shadows

Solo Musician Interview: Royal

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Where are you from? I am from Canada - born in Oshawa, Ontario but raised in Vernon, British Columbia. Vernon has a very small-town vibe to it and is known for its beauty and weather. I am very happy that my parents decided to move us there when we were young so that we could… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Royal

Solo Musician Interview: Greg Rekus

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Where are you from? Winnipeg in the province of Manitoba, Canada the home of the Weakerthans, Propagandhi and Comeback kid among others not recognized international but equally as awesome! How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)? Guitar I started when I was age 15. Age 14, I bought a bass guitar and played… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Greg Rekus