Single Review: Ryan Bourne – Hopeless

Ryan Bourne is a psych-pop singer/songwriter from Calgary, Alberta and today I will be reviewing his single ‘Hopeless’ which was released on August 4th 2021. 'Hopeless’ opens with atmospheric synthy chords, blending with Ryan’s emotive and deep vocals, which sort of remind me of Ozzy Osbourne at his best. He had a distinct tonal quality … Continue reading Single Review: Ryan Bourne – Hopeless

Single Review: Ruben Young – Golden Hell

Ruben Young is an R&B/pop artist and singer-songwriter from Calgary, Canada. Today I’ll be reviewing his latest single ‘Golden Hell’. ‘Golden Hell’ opens with a vibrant, rising, instrumental opening, which transitions smoothly into harmonious vocals, perfectly balanced with the music, a voice that is silvery and deeply engaging, all coming together to create a track … Continue reading Single Review: Ruben Young – Golden Hell