Food Review: SoStoned Cannabis Energy Drink

SoStoned is advertised as the first energy drink to incorporate Cannabidiol (CBD) and it is intended to blend in the positive attributes of caffeine and turin, noted for elevating energy levels and helping with focus, and the health benefits of CBD which are considered to have a variety of effects including reducing anxiety and treating … Continue reading Food Review: SoStoned Cannabis Energy Drink

Food Review: Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee (Breakfast Blend)

So Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee is a coffee brand and business established by Scott Patterson, an actor and musician who is probably most well known for his role as Luke Danes, on Gilmore Girls. He has had a passion for coffee since an early age, and this led to him establishing his own business … Continue reading Food Review: Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee (Breakfast Blend)

Food Review: Sneak Energy (Various Flavours)

So I started seeing adverts for Sneak Energy about a year ago, no doubt because of the wide variety of energy drink reviews I’ve done on this site. But Sneak Energy looked really interesting, it was founded by Jonny Teeling in 2018, with the intention of creating a unique and healthy energy drink specifically targeted … Continue reading Food Review: Sneak Energy (Various Flavours)

Food Review: Coca Cola Energy

Okay, so let’s start off with a little bit about Coca Cola, or rather the The Coca-Cola Company, they have been around in some form for nearly 130 years, and are named for their product, Coca Cola which has been available for over 130 years. I have technically already reviewed Coca Cola Energy, which is … Continue reading Food Review: Coca Cola Energy

Food Review: Irn Bru Energy

The regular readers of this blog might recognise that we’ve technically already done a review of Irn Bru energy, and that’s true but that was a comparison and so I felt it was about time I reviewed them both individually, besides I don’t like Irn Bru having to share coverage with Coca Cola so here … Continue reading Food Review: Irn Bru Energy

Food Review: Monster HydroSport (Various Flavours)

Monster HydroSport is a relatively new product released by the Monster Beverage Corporation (formerly the Hansen Natural Company) the makers of Monster Energy in all its permutations including classic Monster Energy, Monster Energy Ultra, Monster Juiced, Monster Punch, Monster Espresso and the brand we are here to discuss today, Monster HydroSport. Interestingly enough on the … Continue reading Food Review: Monster HydroSport (Various Flavours)

Food Review: Reign Energy Drink (Various Flavours)

Reign Energy Drink is an Energy Drink released in 2019 by Monster Beverage Corporation, which has 13 flavours. I will be reviewing a few of them below. Reign is also noted for having a relatively high caffeine content which as a both a writer and a student is very important to me. Razzle Berry This … Continue reading Food Review: Reign Energy Drink (Various Flavours)

Food Review: Red Bull (Various Flavours)

Red Bull is an energy drink product of an Austrian company of the same name, it is notable for its slogan and advertising campaigns based around the idea that "Red Bull gives you wings". Today I’ll be reviewing two flavour variants to the original or classic Red Bull product. Tropical Fruits Unlike other drinks I’ve … Continue reading Food Review: Red Bull (Various Flavours)

Food Review: Purdey’s Natural Energy – Rejuvenate and Edge

*This review was original posted on 05/12/2019 and updated on 14/06/2020 to include product information/expand upon the original review. As a self-described energy drink connoisseur I've made it my mission to try as many of them as possible, caffeine filled or not, all that matters is that it's unique. tastes good and provides you with stimulation … Continue reading Food Review: Purdey’s Natural Energy – Rejuvenate and Edge

Food Review: Tenzing Natural Energy (Various Flavours)

Tenzing is named after the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who is noted as one of the first two people to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Tenzing, the drink is based on the notion that the Sherpa people have been drinking their own natural brew for energy and endurance for years and this product incorporates this … Continue reading Food Review: Tenzing Natural Energy (Various Flavours)

Food Review: Carabao (Various Flavours)

Carabao is a Thai energy drink which was developed back in 2002 by Carabao Tawandang Co Ltd. It is currently the second most popular energy drink in Thailand, and has connections with music and sport. It is connected to music through association with a Thai rock band of the same name. It is connected with … Continue reading Food Review: Carabao (Various Flavours)

Food Review: Oshee Vitamin Energy Drink (Various Flavours)

Oshee Vitamin are a product line of vitamin enriched soft drinks made in Poland by a company called Oshee, noted for being a brand for active lifestyles, they also have lines called Oshee Natural and Oshee Sport. I’ve been a fan of their Multifruit flavoured Oshee Sports drinks for a while, so when the opportunity … Continue reading Food Review: Oshee Vitamin Energy Drink (Various Flavours)

Food Review: WOW Focus Energy Drink

Now I’m a huge fan of caffeine in general and energy drinks in particular, anyone who has read my product review of Irn Bru and Coca Cola Energy can attest to that, in fact I’m such a huge aficionado that I am on a waiting list, to be informed when Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee … Continue reading Food Review: WOW Focus Energy Drink

Food Review: Irn Bru Energy vs Coca Cola Energy

Before I do the actual taste tests and tell you what I think, a quick bit about each company/product: Irn Bru, often called Scotland’s other national drink (after Whisky for which Scotland is famous for producing) is a product of A.G. Barr more commonly known as Barr's, and is one of their most popular products, … Continue reading Food Review: Irn Bru Energy vs Coca Cola Energy