Top 10: Collegehumor videos (Extended Series)

So I did a similar introduction to this one in the companion piece, regarding my Top 10 CollegeHumor standalone videos, which you can check out here if you wish. So I’ll try and keep this one short. First off, this isn’t my first time talking about Collegehumor, click here to read a piece I wrote … Continue reading Top 10: Collegehumor videos (Extended Series)

Top 10: Collegehumor Videos (Standalone)

Collegehumor, for those who don’t already know, was a humor website launched initially in December 7th 1999 by two high school friends (Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen) with help from web developer Jake Lodwick and featured a variety of humor videos and articles generated by their in-house writing and production teams, along with user … Continue reading Top 10: Collegehumor Videos (Standalone)

Collegehumor: It’s Time For You to Graduate!

*Updated on 06/12/2019 Note: So I don't usually do negative content, even when I'm reviewing, most of the time I focus more prominently on the positives, and provide a fair and balanced critique where required, however while everything I've written below, negative or not, is my honest opinion, upon reflection I feel it might have … Continue reading Collegehumor: It’s Time For You to Graduate!