Album Review: The Howling Lords – Self-titled Album

The Howling Lords Band Photo

The Howling Lords are a three man group from Stornoway who pump out blues/Rock music, the actually Howling Lords are Felix who does Guitar and Vocals, Jens who does Bass and Eoghainn on  the Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their self-titled debut album. ‘Bad for Me’ opens with a building warble that explodes into a… Continue reading Album Review: The Howling Lords – Self-titled Album

EP Review: Black Cat Bone – Get Your Kicks Sessions

Black Cat Bone Promo Artwork

First off I’ll introduce the group Black Cat Bone are a bluesy Rock and Roll group from Edinburgh made up of Ross Craig on vocals and Harmonica, Luis Del Castillo on Guitar, Jonny Voodoo on Bass and Drums, Kai Wallace on Drums and Charlie Wild on Guitar. I've been given an opportunity ahead of its… Continue reading EP Review: Black Cat Bone – Get Your Kicks Sessions

Album Review: Hugh Laurie – Didn’t It Rain

Hugh Laurie Didn't It Rain Album Artwork

So here’s another album by actor Hugh Laurie, known for his roles on House and Fry and Laurie, this album was released on 6th May 2013. Like his previous album there are blues songs, but he also explores other American musical styles such as Jazz, R&B and tango as well. ‘The St. Louis Blues’ is… Continue reading Album Review: Hugh Laurie – Didn’t It Rain

Album Review: Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk

Hugh Laurie 'Let Them Talk' Album Artwork

‘Let Them Talk’ was released May 9th 2011 made up of classic blues tracks, and is the debut album by actor and musician Hugh Laurie. He has said that one of the reasons behind this album is his love of the music of New Orleans, and he was even able to play his album in… Continue reading Album Review: Hugh Laurie – Let Them Talk

Album Review: Highway 491 – In the Loop

Highway 491

Highway 491 are a Glasgow based blues/rock and roll made up of Cameron Arndt on Guitar/Vocals, Garry Murrie on Bass, Alex Dick on Drums/Vocals as the original band members with special Guests Jamie Slattery on Bass/Vocals and Hooligan Sadikson on Drums/Percussion joining them for the recording. ‘In The Loop’ opens with the crystal clear jangling… Continue reading Album Review: Highway 491 – In the Loop

EP Review: HVMM – Talk To Me Like I’m Dead

HVMM 'Talk to Me Like I'm Dead' Album Artwork

HVMM (which I believe is pronounced Hum) are a four piece blues/rock band from Worcester made up of Ebony Clay on lead Guitar, Andy Teece on Vocals/Guitar, Jack Timmis on Bass and Sam Jenkins on Drums. ‘Lacerate’ opens with a nice little baseline before the drums and everything else kicks in, it's bloody wonderful and… Continue reading EP Review: HVMM – Talk To Me Like I’m Dead

Solo Musician Interview – Chris Jones

Chris Jones Photo

Chris Jones is a singer/songwriter from Kilmarnock, who was previously the singer for an alternative rock band called 'Weather Forcats' but has now gone solo and has recently released his debut EP ‘A story of human limitations’. If you want to have a read at that then click here.  Where are you from? From Kilmarnock, Scotland… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview – Chris Jones

Solo Musician Interview: Matt Scott

Matt Scott Photo

Matthew ‘Matt’ Scott  is a Scottish singer-songwriter from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire whose genre is blues/folk music. Where are you from? Good old Kilmarnock. Although technically from a wee village out with, but Killie will do for now. How long have you been playing your respective instrument(s)? I’ve been playing guitar since age 14. And kidding on… Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Matt Scott

EP Review: Matthew Scott – Whoever That Is

Matt Scott 'Whoever That Is' Album Artwork

Matt Scott is a singer-songwriter from Ayrshire and if you want to find out a little more about him then have a look at an Interview I did with him back in March this isn’t the first time I’ve had the opportunity to review his music either, if anyone is interested then feel free to check… Continue reading EP Review: Matthew Scott – Whoever That Is

EP Review: Matthew Scott – Stairway Songs from Hillfoot Avenue, Rutherglen

Matt Scott 'Stairway Songs From Hillfoot Avenue, Rutherglen' Album Artwork

Before I get started let me tell you a little bit about Matthew Scott, he’s an Ayrshire based singer/songwriter who categorises his music as blues/folk music. If you want to find out more then check out this interview I did with him a while back.  Its surprisingly rare for me to review just a single… Continue reading EP Review: Matthew Scott – Stairway Songs from Hillfoot Avenue, Rutherglen