Band Interview – WHOLE

So first of all how did you all meet? Alex - We first met in 2009 when we were playing a 10 date live tour with our bands of that time (Leonard Las Vegas / Forced Movement) and eventually that turned into a friendship which lead to WHOLE. Where are you all from? Thomas - … Continue reading Band Interview – WHOLE

EP Review: XTR HUMAN – Reflections

XTR HUMAN have been described as many genres, such as post punk or Shoegaze, my favourite is on their Facebook where they are described as Dystopian Indie, whatever genre they are XTR HUMAN are a three piece band from Berlin made up of Johannes Stabel on Guitar/Vocals, Marco Maccioni on Bass and Andrea Fusco on … Continue reading EP Review: XTR HUMAN – Reflections

Single Review: AY Wing – Ice Cream Dream

AY Wing is a Swiss born singer-songwriter who is currently based between three cities, namely London, Berlin and Zurich. AY Wing makes powerful beat driven synth-pop and today I’ll be talking about their new single ‘Ice Cream Dream’ which was released in Spring 2018. ‘Ice Cream Dream’ for the purposes of clarity the version I … Continue reading Single Review: AY Wing – Ice Cream Dream