Album Review: Dirty Old Red – Upcoming Album Teaser

Dirty Old Red

Dirty Old Red are a Glasgow based three piece contemporary blues band made up of David Boyle on Vocals and Guitar, Daniel McCann on Bass and Brian Mckee on Drums. I’m going to be reviewing some tracks on their soundcloud that will be part of an upcoming album released later this year. ‘Easy Days, Hard… Continue reading Album Review: Dirty Old Red – Upcoming Album Teaser

Album Review: The Other Side – The Final Straw

The Other Side 'The Final Straw'

The Other Side have been about since around 2009 they are made up of Kirby on Vocals/Lead Guitar, Sned on Guitar, Pepe on Bass and Budgie on Drums. Together they put out their first album, Catch the Sun back in 2011 with a follow up in 2012 called Don’t Piss Down my Back (and Tell… Continue reading Album Review: The Other Side – The Final Straw

EP Review: Greenfinch – Upcoming EP Teaser

Greenfinch Artwork

Greenfinch are a five piece Glasgow based band made up of Seoras Campbell on Acoustic guitar and vocals, Stuart Nelson on Acoustic guitar and vocals, Dol Campbell on Electric guitar, Justin Caselton on Bass Guitar and Johnny Sormonth-Darling on Drums. Although for smaller gigs the line-up is just Seoras and Stuart. Anyway Greenfinch have an… Continue reading EP Review: Greenfinch – Upcoming EP Teaser

Music Review: The Stoned Immaculate – Demo Tracks

The Stoned Immaculate

The Stoned Immaculate are a four piece band from Glasgow with Dec Reid on Bass, Scott Lennon on Drums, Callum Hughes on Lead Guitar and Louis Jamieson on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals. When I reached out to do the review of The Stoned Immaculate I was given free reign to review whatever I wanted so… Continue reading Music Review: The Stoned Immaculate – Demo Tracks

Single Review: Heavy Rapids – Crying Shame

Heavy Rapids 'Crying Shame' single Image

Okay before I get to talking about the single, I’ll tell you a little about the band, Heavy Rapids are a Glasgow based four piece band made up of Dillon Squire on Guitar/Vocals, Jamie Crawford on Guitar, Antony Becirspahic on Bass and Johnathan Boyd on Drums. They have been around since 2017 and have already… Continue reading Single Review: Heavy Rapids – Crying Shame

EP Review: Black Cat Bone – Get Your Kicks Sessions

Black Cat Bone Promo Artwork

First off I’ll introduce the group Black Cat Bone are a bluesy Rock and Roll group from Edinburgh made up of Ross Craig on vocals and Harmonica, Luis Del Castillo on Guitar, Jonny Voodoo on Bass and Drums, Kai Wallace on Drums and Charlie Wild on Guitar. I've been given an opportunity ahead of its… Continue reading EP Review: Black Cat Bone – Get Your Kicks Sessions

Single Review: BELTUR – Finishing Line

BELTUR Band Photo

BELTUR are a Glasgow based rock band made up of Joe Scott on Vocals, Telecaster and Keyboard, Frank Casey on Bass, Edith Casey on Vocals and Ben O'Reilly on Drums. ‘Finishing Line’s’ opening chords were haunting and even though sitting on a bus from work isn't the best place to listen I was captivated. The… Continue reading Single Review: BELTUR – Finishing Line

Single Review: Nineteen Canteen – Stranger Things Have Happened

Nineteen Canteen Band Photo

Nineteen Canteen are a melodic pop rock band from Glasgow made up of Dave Williamson on Guitar/vox, Mikey Dunn on Bass/vox, Toby Llewellyn on Guitar/vox and Garry Anderson Drums/vox. ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’ opened with an electronic/synth intro that I liked and think works really well with the singer's voice and adds an ethereal quality… Continue reading Single Review: Nineteen Canteen – Stranger Things Have Happened

Album Review: Ninja Sex Party – Under the Covers Volume II

Ninja Sex Party - Under the Covers Vol 2 Album Artwork

So if you've read my previous Ninja Sex Party reviews then you already know the drill but if not then you can check out my reviews of the previous four albums here, here, here and here. Also make sure and check out my review of their latest release here. While you're at it check out my reviews of… Continue reading Album Review: Ninja Sex Party – Under the Covers Volume II