Single Review: Ciircus Street – Broken

Ciircus Street single 'Broken' Artwork

Ciircus Street are a two piece, UK based Indie Pop group made up of Sam Brett on Guitar/Vocals and Jim Crowder on Keyboard/Vocals. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest release ‘Broken’ which was released on the 9th November 2018. ‘Broken’ kicks off with some tremendous vocals, and a light acoustic guitar backing that supports their… Continue reading Single Review: Ciircus Street – Broken

Single Review: Los Años Rojos – Abril / Al Sol

Los Años Rojos

Los Años Rojos are a five piece Indie Rock band from the city of La Plata, Argentina made up of Martín Remiro on Guitar/Vocals, Javier Li on Violin, Fermín Ferreyra Rey on Keyboard, Vicente Jalil on Bajo and Germán Sinegub on Drums. ‘Abril’ opens with a melodic blend of guitar, vocals and percussion that all… Continue reading Single Review: Los Años Rojos – Abril / Al Sol

Single Review: They Called Him Zone – I Want Love

They Called Him Zone 'I Want Love' Artwork

They Called Him Zone are a three piece Electro Pop/Rock from the City of Bradford made up of Mik Davis on Vocals, Drones and Production, Steve Maloney on Vocals, Guitar and Production and Cat McLaughlan on Vocals/ Bass. ‘I Want Love’ opens with a dark synth theme, that comes in waves, up and down, it… Continue reading Single Review: They Called Him Zone – I Want Love

Single Review: Harker Moon – Muma Says

Harker Moon 'Muma Says' Artwork

Harker Moon are a five piece soul/rock and roll group from London made up of Tommy Down on Guitar/ Vocals, Hal Briggs on Bass, Olly Jay on Guitar, Joe Caplin on Piano and Ben Phillips on Drums. ‘Muma Says’ opens slowly, some gentle keys, supporting Tommy Down’s voice well, it doesn’t take long for the… Continue reading Single Review: Harker Moon – Muma Says

Single Review: Fell Sons – Little Dove / Hiding in the Lane

Fell Sons Promo Image

Fell Sons are a four piece alternative band from Merseyside made up of Al on Vocals/Guitar, Simon on Keys/Vocals, Dom on Bass and John on Drums. ‘Little Dove’ opens with some soft, melodic keys, that blend well with a the guitar, then things kick up a notch, and to be honest I can’t decide whether… Continue reading Single Review: Fell Sons – Little Dove / Hiding in the Lane

EP Review: The Dollymops – Gap Year Tourists

The Dollymops 'Gap Year Tourists' Artwork

The Dollymops are an indie rock band from Oxford, with Sean Stevens leading the charge on vocals, Tom Hadfield on the guitar, Jacob Appleton supplying the Bass and last but not least Simon Calver filling out the four piece group on Drums. If you want to find out more about the band then check out… Continue reading EP Review: The Dollymops – Gap Year Tourists

Album Review: The Howling Lords – Self-titled Album

The Howling Lords Band Photo

The Howling Lords are a three man group from Stornoway who pump out blues/Rock music, the actually Howling Lords are Felix who does Guitar and Vocals, Jens who does Bass and Eoghainn on  the Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their self-titled debut album. ‘Bad for Me’ opens with a building warble that explodes into a… Continue reading Album Review: The Howling Lords – Self-titled Album

Single Review: Cocoa Futures – Big Time / Circus

Cocoa Futures singles 'Big Time' and 'Circus' Artwork

Cocoa Futures are a pop infused group from Tottenham, London made up of Greg Sanderson who provides the vocals for the group, Nick who is on Bass and Dave on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest tracks ‘Big Time’ and ‘Circus’. ‘Big Time’ in a few words is a good time, a tight track… Continue reading Single Review: Cocoa Futures – Big Time / Circus

Single Review: Spray – Anthologised by Cherry Red

Spray single 'Anthologised by Cherry Red' Artwork

Spray are a synth pop duo from Lancashire made up of Jenny McLaren on Vocals and Ricardo Autobahn on Synths. ‘Anthologised by Cherry Red' has a rolling intro, that builds really well, and the vocals build on top of it like a big ol’ synth castle. Sorry terrible analogies aside, this track is both well… Continue reading Single Review: Spray – Anthologised by Cherry Red

EP Review: XTR HUMAN – Reflections

XTR HUMAN EP 'Reflections' Artwork

XTR HUMAN have been described as many genres, such as post punk or Shoegaze, my favourite is on their Facebook where they are described as Dystopian Indie, whatever genre they are XTR HUMAN are a three piece band from Berlin made up of Johannes Stabel on Guitar/Vocals, Marco Maccioni on Bass and Andrea Fusco on… Continue reading EP Review: XTR HUMAN – Reflections