Single Review: Crow Moon – Wickerman

Crow Moon single 'Wickerman' Artwork

Crow Moon are a Glasgow based four piece Progressive rock band made up of Angus Allen, Ben Main, Charlie Grimble, Max Murphy. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest single ‘Wickerman’. ‘Wickerman’ opens fast, with a nice bass and percussive intro, that builds as the song progresses, it manages to maintain a nice pace to the… Continue reading Single Review: Crow Moon – Wickerman

Single Review: Bear Shoe – Virtual Hugs

Bear Shoe are a four piece Guildford based alternative punk/indie group made up of Matt Thienpont on Guitar/Vocals, Ivan Vasilyev on Guitar/Vocals, Elkan Lau on Bass and Ben Waites on Drums. Today I'll be reviewing their new single ‘Virtual Hugs’. ‘Virtual Hugs’ opens with smooth acoustic guitars, that leads into some tender vocals that have… Continue reading Single Review: Bear Shoe – Virtual Hugs

Album Review: Alphastate – The Grind

Alphastate - The Grind Album Artwork

Alphastate are a heavy metal band from Athens, Greece, they are made up of Pete Breaker on Guitar, Manos Xanthakis on Vocals, and Fivos Andriopoulos on Drums. Currently the spot for bassist is open, but even without a full time bassist the band really do rock hard, and if you don’t believe me then check… Continue reading Album Review: Alphastate – The Grind

EP Review: Fistymuffs – About Time

Fistymuffs Band Photo

Fistymuffs are a Riot Grrrl/Punk Rock trio based in Edinburgh made up of Suky Goodfellow on Guitar/Vocals, Patty Vea on Bass/Vocals and Nicola Foxx on Drums. They are all graduates of the Edinburgh Girls Rock school and put out songs drawn from their own personal experiences that tackle social issues that many women still have… Continue reading EP Review: Fistymuffs – About Time

Single Review: Carousel Clouds – Grace/Blood Red Sky

Grace (Look No Further) by Carousel Clouds Artwork

Carousel Clouds are a five piece shoegaze/Alternative outfit from Salford and are made up of Neil Meehan on Guitar/lead vocals, Dickon Kyme-Wright on Guitar, Tamsin Middleton on Vocals, Ben Mulvey on Keyboards/vocals and Matt Anderson Drums. If you’re curious to find out more about the band then you can check out this Interview I did… Continue reading Single Review: Carousel Clouds – Grace/Blood Red Sky

Single Review: Ciircus Street – Broken

Ciircus Street single 'Broken' Artwork

Ciircus Street are a two piece, UK based Indie Pop group made up of Sam Brett on Guitar/Vocals and Jim Crowder on Keyboard/Vocals. Today I’ll be reviewing their latest release ‘Broken’ which was released on the 9th November 2018. ‘Broken’ kicks off with some tremendous vocals, and a light acoustic guitar backing that supports their… Continue reading Single Review: Ciircus Street – Broken

Single Review: Los Años Rojos – Abril / Al Sol

Los Años Rojos

Los Años Rojos are a five piece Indie Rock band from the city of La Plata, Argentina made up of Martín Remiro on Guitar/Vocals, Javier Li on Violin, Fermín Ferreyra Rey on Keyboard, Vicente Jalil on Bajo and Germán Sinegub on Drums. ‘Abril’ opens with a melodic blend of guitar, vocals and percussion that all… Continue reading Single Review: Los Años Rojos – Abril / Al Sol

Single Review: They Called Him Zone – I Want Love

They Called Him Zone 'I Want Love' Artwork

They Called Him Zone are a three piece Electro Pop/Rock from the City of Bradford made up of Mik Davis on Vocals, Drones and Production, Steve Maloney on Vocals, Guitar and Production and Cat McLaughlan on Vocals/ Bass. ‘I Want Love’ opens with a dark synth theme, that comes in waves, up and down, it… Continue reading Single Review: They Called Him Zone – I Want Love

Single Review: Harker Moon – Muma Says

Harker Moon 'Muma Says' Artwork

Harker Moon are a five piece soul/rock and roll group from London made up of Tommy Down on Guitar/ Vocals, Hal Briggs on Bass, Olly Jay on Guitar, Joe Caplin on Piano and Ben Phillips on Drums. ‘Muma Says’ opens slowly, some gentle keys, supporting Tommy Down’s voice well, it doesn’t take long for the… Continue reading Single Review: Harker Moon – Muma Says

Single Review: Fell Sons – Little Dove / Hiding in the Lane

Fell Sons Promo Image

Fell Sons are a four piece alternative band from Merseyside made up of Al on Vocals/Guitar, Simon on Keys/Vocals, Dom on Bass and John on Drums. ‘Little Dove’ opens with some soft, melodic keys, that blend well with a the guitar, then things kick up a notch, and to be honest I can’t decide whether… Continue reading Single Review: Fell Sons – Little Dove / Hiding in the Lane