Samhain – Witches New Year by Lilian Anderson

The 31st October and the surrounding days are a special time for many cultures, from the Día de Muertos (The Day of the Dead) in Mexico to the Christian All Saints' Day (also known as All Hallows' Day) and of course the secular Halloween celebrations. The pagan wheel of the year celebrates Samhain from sunset … Continue reading Samhain – Witches New Year by Lilian Anderson

 The Origins of Killieween by Lilian Anderson

The town I grew up in, Kilmarnock, located in the West of Scotland has many strange and interesting traditions, from the paper roses that the bride to be wears before marriage to the ‘Paper Roses’ that are sung at Rugby Park (the home of Kilmarnock F.C), to the obsessive cleaning of EVERYTHING before the bells … Continue reading  The Origins of Killieween by Lilian Anderson

EP Review: SkagHoors – The Four Play

SkagHoors are a four piece, Ayrshire based, punk rock & roll outfit and today I will be reviewing their EP ‘The Four Play’ which was released on July 15th 2019.  ‘(No More) U.K. Bombs’ opens with a kid reciting a nursery rhyme before kicking off to an awesome high energy blend of guitar, percussion and … Continue reading EP Review: SkagHoors – The Four Play

Single Review: Stewart Bryden – The Beaten Track

Stewart Bryden is a singer-songwriter from Ayrshire who has been performing in various outfits for over 15 years. Today I will be reviewing their single ‘The Beaten Track’ which was released on July 3rd 2020. ‘The Beaten Track’ kicks off with a light acoustic guitar, smooth and soothing, that merges perfectly with Bryden’s gentle, uplifting … Continue reading Single Review: Stewart Bryden – The Beaten Track

Unity League

So I just wanted to talk a little bit about Kilmarnock Unity League, full disclosure I am a member of the group, and I’m the secretary for the committee as well so my opinion may be biased but I happen to think that we are a hardworking, dedicated and supportive group for LGBT+ people. We … Continue reading Unity League

An Ode Tae Tinder by Lorna Wallace

Hiy you. Aye, you! Are you alone? Do you sit waitin’ by the phone? Huv aw yir dreams eh birds an’ bees Burnt tae a cinder? Well whit yi dain, ya styoopit boy, Yi heard eh Tinder? It’s lik sunshine fur the soul, If settlin’ doon’s no quite yir goal, An’ aw yi huv ti … Continue reading An Ode Tae Tinder by Lorna Wallace

Single Review: Emi V – Walking Away

Emi V is a 16-year-old multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from Ayrshire Scotland, who has been described, quite rightly I think, as “Ayrshire's brightest up and coming talent”. Having gigged successfully across Scotland for a couple of years now, she recently (exactly two months ago) dropped her debut single ‘Open Your Eyes' to much critical acclaim, and … Continue reading Single Review: Emi V – Walking Away

Single Review: Emi V – Open Your Eyes

Emi V is an incredibly talented 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Ayrshire, who plays a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar and ukulele. Her music crosses a variety of genres including op, soul and blues. She has gigged all across Scotland, and despite her young age has already become a successful musician. If you would like … Continue reading Single Review: Emi V – Open Your Eyes

Centrestage – Fun, Food, Folk

Centrestage is a charitable organisation based in Kilmarnock which was founded in 2006 and serves the local community. They have a variety of programmes and initiatives aimed at supporting people, and as they say on their website: ‘Centrestage is not the place; it’s the people’. One of the programmes they run is Catalyst which aims … Continue reading Centrestage – Fun, Food, Folk

Puzzle Pieces by Chloe Copland

I miss your arms wrapped around me, my blanket on a winter’s night. The warmth and comfort of steaming tea too hot to sip.   I miss the way your hand fitted into mine. We were two pieces of a jigsaw; old and new, that only partially matched. Pressing and crushing harder to fit only … Continue reading Puzzle Pieces by Chloe Copland

Newmilns Food Festival 2019

Newmilns Food Festival is an annual festival in Newmilns established back in 2016 by the Newmilns Regeneration Association. It is returning again for a fourth year, with plans for it to be bigger and better than ever before. At the Newmilns Food Festival, there will be nearly 100 quality food and drink stalls and vendors … Continue reading Newmilns Food Festival 2019

Restaurant Review – Unity Grill

This review is from a meal I had at Unity Grill, Ayr on Thursday 14th August 2019. Enjoy! Before we get started you can check out their Menu, for an idea of the prices and food on offer. Main – BLT with Sourdough Bread The Bacon was superb and it really complimented the bread well, … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Unity Grill

Owl Magic – The Ayrshire Owl and Raptor Centre

I’ve been aware of Owl Magic for several years now, and I’ve always thought they were awesome, so I thought it was about time I wrote a little piece to let people know a little more about them. As you can probably guess from the name, they deal with birds, more specifically Owls and Raptors, … Continue reading Owl Magic – The Ayrshire Owl and Raptor Centre

K-Fest 2019

K-Fest for those not in the know is an annual outdoor music festival in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire. It's now in its third year and it just keeps getting better. It will be featuring the cream of the crop in terms of local and home grown talent with acts such as headliners: Elephant Sessions and support … Continue reading K-Fest 2019

Band Interview: Aw Naw

For newcomers, can you tell us who you guys all are and your favorite flower? Well individually we are Jamie Angus, Taylor Buntain, Ruaraidh Quinn and Glen Robertson but as an absolute unit we are Aw Naw, a genre-bending scheme rock band from the oxters of Ayrshire and between us we like orchids, thistles, lotuses … Continue reading Band Interview: Aw Naw