Author Interview: John Coon

First off, tell me about yourself? I am a sports reporter based in Salt Lake City. I cover NBA basketball, college sports, and Olympic sports. I've worked in this profession since graduating from the University of Utah in 2004. I've had my share of incredible moments while writing about sports. I've done everything from raced … Continue reading Author Interview: John Coon

Author Interview: K. M. Steele

First off, tell me about yourself? I live in Brisbane, Australia, with my two sons, a Bull Mastiff and a Staffy X. When I’m not wrangling dogs and children, I write. I love people watching, as I am fascinated by what motivates people to act the way they do. I hold a PhD in English … Continue reading Author Interview: K. M. Steele

Author Interview: Morgan Lionheart

Okay, so, I thought long and hard about how to answer these questions, I even tried a few different ways, but I want the same honesty that comes out in my writing to come out here, and answering each question one at a time, just wasn’t it, it’s not my style so, how can it … Continue reading Author Interview: Morgan Lionheart

Author Interview: S. F. Hill

First off, tell me about yourself? Well, there isn’t much to tell really. I am a full-time author, a full-time mother of three kids and a full-time fixer of everything. What made you want to be a writer? To be honest I kind of always have written stories here and there. When I was young, … Continue reading Author Interview: S. F. Hill

Author Interview: T. Rose

First off, tell me about yourself? I am a mom of two; my daughter has two boys and one girl. My son has two girls and they all are the light that warms my heart daily even when I am unable to see them.  I love gardening around the house I bought 4 years ago, … Continue reading Author Interview: T. Rose

Author Interview: Akasious

First off, tell me about yourself? I am a Muslim, a Pakistani, and then I am Akasious. It’s my pen name. My real name is not public because my readers know me as Akasious. I am a twenty one years old girl. I am pursuing pharm-D and I am now in fourth professional year so … Continue reading Author Interview: Akasious

Author Interview: Donna Brown

First off, tell me about yourself? I have a diverse background. I am a musician, an author of an autobiography, an avid runner, hiker, climber, and enjoy being outdoors. I have worked as a nurse for half of my working career, then decided to do something different and started 2 of my own businesses, one … Continue reading Author Interview: Donna Brown

Author Interview: Jill Amy Rosenblatt

First off, tell me about yourself? My name is Jill Amy Rosenblatt. I live on Long Island. I have a Master’s Degree in Literature and Creative Writing. I am the proud owner of an overactive imagination and a short attention span. I have too many hobbies to count and not enough time to get to … Continue reading Author Interview: Jill Amy Rosenblatt

Author Interview: Andy Meeus

First off tell me about yourself? I’m Andy Meeus and I write stories in my free time for almost Five years now. Writing is my daily routine, I write stories, poetry, and texts in general. By now I have a degree in Scenario writing as well as Copywriting and I intend to get a job … Continue reading Author Interview: Andy Meeus

Author Interview: Laurie Smith

First off tell me about yourself? I am a 53-year-old freelance commercial artist who has worked in the comics industry as a professional colourist for the past 24 years (securing an Eisner Award nomination in 1996). In addition to creating fine art and commercial art, I have also produced two original art colouring books and … Continue reading Author Interview: Laurie Smith

Author Interview: Mary M Schmidt

First off tell me about yourself? Let’s see, I really am as old as the atom bomb, born in 1945. I got my degree in English at Notre Dame University in Baltimore during the turbulent ‘60s. I’m one of these crazy old ladies who loves cats. And my nose is usually in a book. Now … Continue reading Author Interview: Mary M Schmidt

Author Interview: Martin Lundqvist

First off tell me about yourself? I am a Swedish man, who have been living in Sydney, Australia for the last six years together with my partner Elaine and our pet animals. I am working as hospitality attendant and a soccer referee and am looking to get an office job. Interests apart from writing books … Continue reading Author Interview: Martin Lundqvist

Author Interview: Lorenzo Dozier

First off tell me about yourself? My name is Lorenzo Dozier. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. I have a Bachelors in English and studied communication. I love to help people, travel, engage in new activities and challenge myself. Why did you want to write a book? When I was in High school, I … Continue reading Author Interview: Lorenzo Dozier