Top 10: Dragon Ball Z Abridged (Team Four Star) Episodes

So Dragon Ball Z Abridged is the title of Team Four Star’s parody series based on the original Dragon Ball Z anime series. Team Four Star are also noted for their other series such as Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, Attack on Titan Abridged and Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged. The Core team of Team Four Star are … Continue reading Top 10: Dragon Ball Z Abridged (Team Four Star) Episodes

Retail Store Review: Anime Gallery

So as part of our ongoing aim to develop and grow as a platform, we are in the process of broadening what we do here on Off the Record, this includes adding some new sections and new subjects to talk about, so with that in mind, check out our very first retail store review. So … Continue reading Retail Store Review: Anime Gallery

Interview with Mel Rowlands (AnimeLeague)

First off tell me about yourself, and the core team at AnimeLeague? My name is Mel. I’m part of the organising team and my main job I Stage Management, so this ranges from getting guests (voice actors, cosplay guests etc), timetabling, running the stages and I run the social media pages. I also help with … Continue reading Interview with Mel Rowlands (AnimeLeague)