Psychic Circle Oddities

Psychic Circle Oddities is a Los Angeles based business which was started in 2012 by owner and operator Suzy Berhow, who is more commonly known on the internet as Mortem3r. She is the host of KittyKatGaming, which we’ve talked about here on Off the Record before and you can click here and here to check … Continue reading Psychic Circle Oddities

Single Review: SPIRITBOX – A Strange Loss

SPIRITBOX are a five piece alternative/indie band from The Netherlands, I’ve reviewed them before and you can check that out here, here and here. Today I will be reviewing their latest release ‘A Strange Loss’ which was released on September 25th 2020.  ‘A Strange Loss’ opens with a rising and heavy backing tune, counterpointed by … Continue reading Single Review: SPIRITBOX – A Strange Loss

Single Review: SPIRITBOX – Squid Machine

SPIRITBOX are a Netherlands based alternative/indie five piece outfit made up of Ruben Schimmel on Guitar/Backings, Nick van Eekelen on Guitar, Jasper Janssens on Bass/Backings, Hans Meertens on Vocals/Keys​/Acoustic Guitar and Tomas Dekkers on Drums/Percussion. This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed SPIRITBOX and you can check that out here and here. Today, however, I … Continue reading Single Review: SPIRITBOX – Squid Machine

Single Review: Deanna Devore – Lately

Deanna Devore is an Electronic/Alternative singer-songwriter based in Chicago and Toronto and today I will be reviewing their single ‘Lately’ which was released on January 2nd 2020.  ‘Lately’ starts off slowly, light percussion and a nice vibing synthy intro that merges with the sonorous vocals that hold a lot of energy and roll over you … Continue reading Single Review: Deanna Devore – Lately

Single Review: BENJII – California

Benjii is an alternative/pop singer-songwriter from Vancouver, Canada and if you want to find out a little more about him then you can check out an interview I did with him by clicking here. Today though I’ll be reviewing his track, ‘California’ which was released on 4th April 2019.  ‘California’ has a smooth, almost upbeat … Continue reading Single Review: BENJII – California