Band Interview: Aboriginals

So first of how did you all meet? School. We first got together to play the talent show. Where are you all from? A few nearby towns in East Ayrshire (Hurlford, Darvel and Newmilns) How long have you been playing your respective instruments? Craig started playing specifically for the band, Andrew P had been playing … Continue reading Band Interview: Aboriginals

EP Review: Aboriginals – Infinite Cinema

Aboriginals are a four piece Ayrshire based Alternative Rock band made up of Andrew Hyslop on Lead Guitar, Calum Brown on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Craig Jamieson on Bass Guitar and Andrew Pick on Drums. ‘Won't You Be Mine’ starts off with some well paced percussion before melding beautifully with some chords. Next the vocalist joins in … Continue reading EP Review: Aboriginals – Infinite Cinema