Top 10: Ghoul Grumps playthroughs

Ghoul Grumps is a Halloween themed spin-off of the Let's Play web series Game Grumps, which is hosted by Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor) and Dan Avidan (also known as Danny Sexbang) who have co-hosted the channel together since June 2013, when Dan replaced a former co-host Jon Jafari (also known as JonTron) who … Continue reading Top 10: Ghoul Grumps playthroughs

Top 10: 10 Minute Power Hour Episodes

So anyone who is a regular visitor to this blog will know that I am a fan of the Game Grumps, if you need further evidence of that then you can click here. But for those of you who do not know the Game Grumps are a let’s play channel hosted by Arin ‘Egoraptor’ Hanson … Continue reading Top 10: 10 Minute Power Hour Episodes