Rating System

How my reviews work depends entirely upon what I’m reviewing, a game review for example is far more technical for me whereas when I do a movie review its more personable, where I tend to talk about events sequentially, its far more like you’re in the room with me as I comment on things. I have a style that I’m comfortable with and a format that seems to work but this site is about growing and developing as much as anything so I’m open to feedback that will help me but try and make sure that its constructive rather than critical or that you don’t just disagree with something I said because the whole point of a review is that its my personal opinion.

Speaking of which, any reviews that I post will be my own opinion, from time to time I might try and focus on the positive elements of something but I’d only do that If for example it was a first attempt or something, where I know that any issues are due to inexperience or because they are still developing in their medium. But I will never give something a good review just because other people like it, or because its popular, or because I know the person, or just to be nice. I want to be as honest as possible and my reviews with reflect that.

I am happy however to take submission for review from pretty much anything. Do you have a first book and want some coverage, have you made a short film? Released an album? Whatever you’ve made contact me and I’ll be more than happy to review it and promote it on here and via my social media.

I work full time but I aim to complete any reviews submitted to me as soon as possible. If you want something reviewed prior to a release date make sure and let me know ahead of time so that I can prioritise it if required.

Anyway I rate my reviews out of ten, check out the scale below for more information:

1/10 = Just No. Basically if something gets this rating then it’s just not worth it and you should avoid it unless you have a masochistic streak.

2/10 = Terrible. If something gets this rating then it’s still awful but it has something small that saves it from being completely unejoyable, for example a funny scene in an otherwise unfunny movie.

3/10 = Still Bad. If something gets this rating then it’s still really bad but I think it might be worth watching/playing once or at least I wouldn’t suggest you avoid it.

4/10 = Almost Good. If something gets this rating then I’d say that it’s close to being good, but it either has too many issues or it never quite lived up to its potential.

5/10 = OK. If something gets this rating then I’d say it’s neither good nor bad, it’s the kind of thing you’d forget once it’s over but you wouldn’t hate to repeat it again.

6/10 = Good. If something gets this rating then it’s certainly enjoyable but it still has issues and on reflection it’s just not that great.

7/10 = Very Good. If something gets this rating then I think it’s thoroughly enjoyable but it has issues that prevent it from being truly great.

8/10 = Great. If something gets this rating then I’d happily enjoy it over and over again but it’s not something I’d really recommend to everyone and it might have some lingering issues.

9/10 = Brilliant. If something gets this rating then its nearly got it right but it’s just missing that little something that’d make it perfect.

10/10 = Perfect. This rating is reserved for something that’s just the best, I could enjoy it over and over again and would happily recommend it to everyone.


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