Puzzle Pieces by Chloe Copland

I miss your arms wrapped around me, my blanket on a winter’s night. The warmth and comfort of steaming tea too hot to sip.   I miss the way your hand fitted into mine. We were two pieces of a jigsaw; old and new, that only partially matched. Pressing and crushing harder to fit only … Continue reading Puzzle Pieces by Chloe Copland

The PlayStation 2 – The Perfect Video Game Console, 20 Years Later

It is hard to believe that the best selling console of all time is almost 20 years old and still stands the test of time as one of the greatest consoles ever produced. With over 150 million units sold globally in its life and a library of 3500+ games, the PlayStation 2 is renowned as … Continue reading The PlayStation 2 – The Perfect Video Game Console, 20 Years Later

Copland’s Cookin: Broccoli and Stilton Soup

  For Four: 1 small onion 1 stalk and broccoli head 1 celery stalk 2 cloves of garlic 2 Large potatoes 50-100g stilton blue 100g of butter 10-25ml of oil Salt and pepper Optional Ingredients (for four): 200ml of double cream 5g of dried mixed herbs 5g dried oregano 5g dried coriander 5g celery salt … Continue reading Copland’s Cookin: Broccoli and Stilton Soup

Food Review – Cafe Koko

This review is from a meal we had at Cafe Koko, Kilmarnock on Wednesday 18th September 2019. Enjoy! Before we get started you can check out their Menu, for an idea of the prices and food on offer. So instead of ordering a full meal we decided to just order a dessert this time. So … Continue reading Food Review – Cafe Koko

Food Review – The coffee Press

This review is from a meal we had at The Coffee Press, Kilmarnock on Monday 16th September 2019. Enjoy! Main – Haggis and Cheese Toastie Thomas: I like haggis but I don't usually combine it with cheese, and I don't think I've ever actually had it in a toastie before, but that's apparently a mistake on … Continue reading Food Review – The coffee Press

Book Review: Love’s Long Road by G.D. Harper

So if you read these reviews with the diligence that I hope my blog inspires in you then you’ll be familiar with this introduction, but I include it just so you are all aware. Anyway, this review is part of a blog tour for Rachel’s Random Resources. This isn’t the first time I’ve been involved … Continue reading Book Review: Love’s Long Road by G.D. Harper

Solo Musician Interview: Captain Of The Lost Waves

Tell me about yourself? Which part of myself, now that’s a huge question?...I’ll stick to the professional role. In short, I’m an astrobard, a maker of music and stories…’A purveyor of Anthems, Anecdotes & Absurdities‘  What Instrument(s) do you play, if any? And how long have you been playing your respective instruments(s)? My voice, the … Continue reading Solo Musician Interview: Captain Of The Lost Waves

Author Interview: Claerie Kavanaugh

Tell me about yourself? And what made you want to be a writer? My name is Claerie. I’m 24, I’m a freelance editor by day and author by night. I’m not sure what drew me to writing; I guess I’ve always just liked telling stories. When I was younger, I thought I would do that … Continue reading Author Interview: Claerie Kavanaugh

Book Review: A Fool’s Circle by Suzanne Seddon

I’ve had this one on the roster for a while but for one reason or another it’s been delayed, I however got an email a few days ago reminding me so I thought finally upload it, along with my apologies for taking so long to get this up on the site. Anyway A Fool’s Circle … Continue reading Book Review: A Fool’s Circle by Suzanne Seddon

Top 10: Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons is a long running American animated sitcom, created by Matt Groening (creator of the Life in Hell comic strip, Futurama and disenchanted). Prior to airing on Fox, it was preceded by The Simpsons shorts, a series of animated segments featuring the titular family, which aired on The Tracey Ullman show from April 19th … Continue reading Top 10: Simpsons Episodes

Product Review: Mikado vs Hello Panda

Mikado or as it is known in the non European market Pocky (named for Pokkin or ポッキン which is a Japanese onomatopoeic word for the noise when they are bitten) is a product of Ezaki Glico Co, Ltd. A Japanese food manufacturer based in Osaka. If you're interested, Mikado, Pocky's name in the western market … Continue reading Product Review: Mikado vs Hello Panda

Product Review: M&M’s

So most if not all of you will be familiar with M&M's, but if you're not then they are small, multi-coloured candies, similar in size and shape to skittles. M&M's are made by Mars Incorporated, an American manufacturer of a variety of products including confectionery such as Galaxy, Hubba Bubba, Mars, Milky Way, Skittles and … Continue reading Product Review: M&M’s

Band Interview: Static Satellites

Tell me about yourselves? How did you all meet? Where are you all from? Ciaran - Ross and Sam have known each other since they were in school and Ally and I are sort of cousins. I say sort of because it is an ongoing debate whether we are or not, basically my great aunt … Continue reading Band Interview: Static Satellites

Band Interview: Dead Artist Club

Tell me about yourselves? How did you all meet? Where are you all from? We are a Pop Grunge duo from Edinburgh and we met through Instagram. What are your names and what position do you have in the band? Lauren - It’s funny, we both have almost the same name. Lauren C Black & … Continue reading Band Interview: Dead Artist Club

Product Review: Koka Noodles

So I want to say before I start that Koka Noodles by and large are among the best Noodle brands out there. Now a little bit about them and the company that makes them. Koka are a brand of instant noodles, available both as packets or cup noodles. They are manufactured by Tat Hui Pte. … Continue reading Product Review: Koka Noodles