Meet the Team

So in this section you get to meet all of the hardworking people who help to make Off the Record the site that it is, so check us out.

Thomas Neil

Founder & Editor
My name is Thomas Neil, I’m a 25-year-old freelance writer based in Ayrshire, Scotland and I am the founder and editor here at Off the Record. My interests include music, books and video games so that’s what you can expect from me in terms of content.

You can check me out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or have a look at more of my work on my portfolio.

Victoria Anderson

Contributor & Designer
My name is Victoria Anderson although I’m also known as Tori B. Bear – presenter, writer, artist and now proud contributor to Off the Record! I’m Scottish, nerdy and I’m recklessly optimistic. I’ve volunteered with hospital radios and I lend my skills to hosting podcasts and events. My writing includes short stories, poetry, interviews and reviews of music, games and more! I’m also an artist and my acrylic on canvas work is available to buy online.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or you can check out more of my stuff over on my Portfolio.

Chloe CoplandContributor & Food Critic
My name’s Chloe Copland, I am a writer, a chef and a student based in Dundee. I am first and foremost a poet, But I also dabble in most forms of fiction. I plan on diving into the deep end and start investing more time into writing non-fiction, in the form of articles, interviews, essays and food reviews. Due to my experiences in the hospitality industry, my primary focus for Off the Record will be food critiques, recipe reviews, and the occasional article.

You can check me out on Twitter.

Glen RobertsonContributor
My name’s Glen – or as distinguished historians know me, Big G. I’m a professional bassist, songwriter and full time music listener so you can see my name next to top notch music reviews.

You can check me out on Facebook.

Jenna Laird

Contributor & Photographer
My name is Jenna Laird I am an Ayrshire based photographer with a HND in Photography from the City of Glasgow College. I specialise in still life, fashion and portraiture, landscape, events and conceptual photography.

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. If you want to check out my photography or hire me then head on over to my website.

Chris HamillContributor & Videographer
My name Chris Hamill, I’m a 23 year old Film student with a passion for film and TV, I also enjoy most forms of written media and I love video games. I’m also a rookie cosplayer. I’m Off the Record’s main video editor and Videographer.

You can check me out on Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.

Hi! my name is Bandit, I’m the mascot here at Off the Record, I don’t write any articles….yet! But I’m here to provide a friendly face, and bring luck to all the contributors, readers and anyone who visits the site. So thank you for checking us out, and I hope you come again.


Bonjour les amis and bienvenue sur le site. My name is Tommy and I’m a French cat with attitude. As you can probably tell from my photo I am also a gamer. If our editor ever gets our Twitch channel up and running you can watch me gaming over there, but for now just check me out on Instagram.