Meet the Team

So in this section you get to meet all of the hardworking people who help to make Off the Record the site that it is, so check us out.

My name is Thomas Neil, I am a 23 year old freelance writer from Ayrshire, Scotland and I am the Editor here at Off the Record. I like Music, Books and Games so that’s what I tend to write about.

You can check me out on Twitter and Instagram.

I’m Victoria Anderson also known as Tori B. Bear – presenter, writer, artist and now proud contributor to Off the Record! I am proudly Scottish, proudly nerdy and have a history of reckless optimism. I was a volunteer presenter for HBSA Radio for over 2 years and still help when I can. My writing thus far has only been for my own use – short stories and poetry posted on my personal blog – but I hope to bring and improve my talents on the site! I’m also an artist and for the past year my acrylic on canvas work has been available to buy online via Etsy.

You can check me out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

My name Chris Hamill, I’m a 23 year old Film student with a passion for film and TV, I also enjoy most forms of written media and I love video games. I’m also a rookie cosplayer. I’m Off the Record’s main video editor and Videographer.

You can check me out on Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.