So these are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you’ve looked and your query isn’t answered here then reach out via the contact section and we will do our best to answer your question.

What is Off the Record?
Off the Record is a mixed content media platform which aims to provide honest, unbiased, informative and entertaining content for our readers.

What topics do you cover on the site?
Off the Record covers a variety of topics including music, TV, books, gaming and most recently food. We are also willing to go beyond our usual scope if we feel their is a story to be told.

Where do you post your content?
Everything that is written for Off the Record is shared to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Ello accounts. We duplicate our content to Tumblr and Blogger which you are welcome to check out and follow. Lastly in regards to book reviews we also post them to Goodreads.

Do you charge for your services?
Everything we do on Off the Record is done so completely free of charge, we do plan to add in a feature in the near future which allows you to donate to the upkeep of the site, but it will be on an entirely voluntary basis, so you can rest assured that we will never charge for any of the services we provide.

How do I submit something for review?
If you would like to submit something for review then firstly go ahead and check out our submission guidelines so you know what we are looking for, once that’s done visit our contact section and send us all the information we asked for, and you can consider your request submitted. You should hear back within 72 hours as to whether we plan to review your submission.

Do submissions need to be new material?
We aren’t concerned about how old your submission is, we welcome the chance to support you by reviewing your submission even if it isn’t brand new, so as long as you’ve followed the submission guidelines then we are happy to consider your submission for review.

How quick is the turnaround from submission to completion?
Off the Record aims to review all submissions as quickly as possible, but we are a small team and we receive dozens of submissions each day, so you can expect to wait at least two weeks from the initial submission to the finished product being posted online.

Do you respond to all requests?
While we do not guarantee that we will accept every request that we receive we do aim to respond to every single message we get whether it be via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email. We aim to do this within 72 hours of the original contact, if after this 72 hour period you have not received a reply to your message then feel free to contact us again.

Are you looking for new contributors?
We are not actively looking for contributors at this time but if you feel that your interests align with the wide array of content available on the site then feel free to reach out via the contact section and we can discuss it further. I do have to add though that all contributors do so on a voluntary basis, and no one makes any money from this site.

Do you accept guest posts?
Off the Record is willing to accept guest post submissions, but only if you show a clear idea of the type of content that we post on this site, and have a guest post that would fit well with our established style and format. We also ask that the guest posting opportunity be a mutually beneficial transaction, and that assuming you have your own platform that a contributor from Off the Record can guest post on it so that both sites can benefit from exposure to the audience of the other site. If you are interested in submitting a guest post then get in touch via the contact section of the site.