So this section addresses some of our most frequently asked questions. Your question(s) should be answered below, however if that isn’t the case then feel free to reach out via the contact section where we will do our best to answer any additional queries you might have. 

What exactly is ‘Off the Record’?
Off the Record is a UK based media platform which focuses on the core ideals of supporting fellow creatives and producing honest and engaging content.

What do you cover on the site?
Off the Record covers a variety of topics such as music, TV & movies, books, gaming and most recently food. These are the areas which we focus on primarily, however we are willing to go beyond our usual scope if we feel there is a story to be told. 

Where do you post your content?
Everything published on our site is shared to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Additionally for maximum exposure of our content we share posts to Tumblr and Ello. For book reviews we also post them to Goodreads, and if the author wishes Amazon as well. Lastly you can also find us on Steam where we play and review games. 

Do you charge for your services?
All of the services provided by Off the Record are entirely free of charge, we will never require payment and should you be referred to us by a third party who does charge to be connected with us please let us know so we can rectify this issue promptly.

We plan to remain steadfast in our commitment to never charging for our services, that being said if you would like to donate to the upkeep of the site then you are able to do so either via Ko-Fi or PayPal.

How do I submit something for review?
If you would like to submit something for review on the site then make sure and check out our submission guidelines section and provide the information requested. Unfortunately due to the high amount of submissions received any submissions without the required information will be ignored. If you have provided everything we have requested then you should hear back within 72 hours as to whether we plan to review your submission. 

Do submissions need to be new material?
Absolutely not. We aren’t concerned about how old your submission is, we welcome the opportunity to support and promote your material no matter what. So as long as you’ve followed the submission guidelines then we are happy to consider your material. 

How quick is the turnaround from submission to completion?
We aim to process all submissions within the first 72 hours of receipt. Following that you can expect to wait at least two weeks to see the finished product being posted online. I would also like to add that we are a small team here at Off the Record, and we receive dozens of submissions daily, so please be patient. 

Do you respond to all submissions?
While we cannot guarantee that we will accept every request, we do aim to at least respond to any submissions we receive. We try to do this within 72 hours of the original message, if after this 72 hour period you still haven’t received a reply then please feel free to contact us again. 

Are you looking for Contributors?
We are currently looking for contributors, however I do need to add that we aren’t currently in a position to pay contributors, so if you are to join us you would be doing so on a voluntary basis. That being said, we are happy to provide our platform as a place for new writers to build a portfolio, as well as other potential compensations, to be discussed when you come on board. So if that all sounds good then you can reach out via the contact section and we can discuss it further. 

Do you accept guest posts?
We are willing to accept guest posts on principle, but only if you show a clear idea of the type of content that we post on the site, and have a guest post which would fit in well with our established style and format. If you have previously published the guest post elsewhere we are still happy to publish it on Off the Record but you will need to secure permission from the other publication. Lastly we also ask that any guest posting opportunity be a mutually beneficial transaction, and so assuming that you have your own platform we would like for a contributor from Off the Record to guest post on yours, so that both sites can benefit from exposure to the audience of the other site. If you are interested in submitting a guest post then get in touch via the contact section of the site.