Hello fans, friends and future features (sorry I love alliteration),

I’ve been very hesitant to create this section, in the end I decided our needs outweighed my discomfort at appealing for support. Now it has been, and always will be our intention to provide the content on Off the Record to you all for free, this is largely because we don’t want to impose upon our readers any more than necessary but also to be completely candid, we value our independence as a media outlet, so we aren’t actively seeking sponsorship or advertising, as these can often come with hidden strings or requirements which limit or change the focus of the content we produce.

That being said, running this platform, even passively does come with some expense, so as we continue to grow and develop, and we do have some big plans for the 2023/2024 period it is becoming increasingly obvious that we could do with some additional support. We are of course always excited when one of the #OTRGang help us, and support the production of future content by donation to our platform, so I wanted to create a section of the site to make it easier to accept donations from all you lovely people. So please find below the links to our Ko-Fi, PayPal and CashApp, where you can donate as much or as little as you’d like.

Your continued support helps us to keep the site running, purchase items to discuss on the platform, and to buy or repair equipment as it becomes necessary.