TV Review: Good Game (2017)

Good Game is an American comedy web series developed by Michele Morrow and Jesse Cox and produced by Starburns Industries, the people behind shows like Moral Orel, Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole and Rick & Morty. The show debuted on August 30th 2017 on the YouTube Premium service YouTube Red, and ran through to September 27th 2017. … Continue reading TV Review: Good Game (2017)

TV Review: Cops and Monsters (Season 1)

Cops and Monsters is a crowdfunded award winning web series which follows a Paranormal Investigation Team based in Scotland as they attempt to police the supernatural community. Today I'll be reviewing the six episodes that make up the first season. The New Recruit Opens with a training sequence of sorts, that blends perfectly into the … Continue reading TV Review: Cops and Monsters (Season 1)

TV Review: Demonologist for Hire (Season 1)

Demonologist for Hire is a web series that follows the adventures and misadventures of the Demonologist as he handles all sorts of supernatural issues. If you hear a bump in the night and don’t know what to do then call the Demonologist. Today I’ll be reviewing the four episodes that make up the first season. … Continue reading TV Review: Demonologist for Hire (Season 1)

Radio Review: Blocked – Sitcom Pilot

So this is a weird one, but something that I wanted to talk about anyway, Now I’m not sure how many people will know about, let alone remember this Radio 4 Pilot but I think not only is it worth talking about but also worth listening to as well. I’ll include a link at the … Continue reading Radio Review: Blocked – Sitcom Pilot

TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 3

So I've pretty firmly covered the premise/concept of The Mighty Boosh in my reviews of the first and second seasons, but in case you missed those, I'll go over it again quickly. The Mighty Boosh is a surreal British comedy by Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt, that features absurd plots, wacky and zany characters and … Continue reading TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 3

TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 2

So I did a much more comprehensive introduction to The Mighty Boosh, in my review of the first season of the series, which you can check out here, so I won't repeat myself too much. But what I will say is that The Mighty Boosh is a British comedy series, which aired on BBC 3, … Continue reading TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 2

Movie Review: Don’t Look Under the Bed

For no particular reason whatsoever I remembered this film existed yesterday and decided to review it. I was surprised, especially considering this was a Disney Channel Original Movie, that a lot of people I asked either didn't remember or didn't know about this movie. I think this was compounded by the fact that it had … Continue reading Movie Review: Don’t Look Under the Bed

TV Review: Dragon Ball Super

*This list was original posted on 27/07/2019 and updated on 15/01/2020 to include new information. I want to start this off by saying that I am a huge fan of Dragon ball, I love the manga, I love the various instalments of the anime from Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z and even Dragon Ball GT (which … Continue reading TV Review: Dragon Ball Super

TV Review: Moonlight

I hadn't noticed until I was editing these reviews that I tend to review TV shows which were cancelled after one season. Moonlight, joins Do No Harm, The Tomorrow People, No Ordinary Family and Good Game as shows which I have reviewed, and in my opinion were cancelled before their time. I would not say … Continue reading TV Review: Moonlight

TV Review: No Ordinary Family

Much like another TV show I've recently reviewed called 'The Tomorrow People', this show also dealt with seemingly ordinary people given superpowers, both were sadly cancelled before they could really utilise their story to its full advantage. However beyond some superficial elements, these shows are very different from one another, for example while The Tomorrow … Continue reading TV Review: No Ordinary Family

TV Review: The Tomorrow People (2013)

The Tomorrow People was a relatively entertaining show, and surprisingly, in my opinion it did something that a lot of other shows failed to do, which was remake a show originally developed for the British market in America, see the US versions of Shameless, Skins and The Inbetweeners for examples of shows which failed to … Continue reading TV Review: The Tomorrow People (2013)

TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 1

The Mighty Boosh was and still is one of my favourite shows. It clawed it was up from radio to a slot on the edgy new TV channel BBC 3. It did so by giving us something new, it blended an eclectic art design with surreal comedy style to make something genuinely funny and memorable.  … Continue reading TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 1

Movie Review: Blackball

Blackball has all the makings of a cult classic, it's certainly an engaging plot, but it never quite gained the recognition that I felt it deserved. In fact the reviews were largely mixed, with some agreeing, like me, that it's a carefree and enjoyable little sporty romp, while others felt, with some merit I suppose … Continue reading Movie Review: Blackball

Movie Review: Gattaca

Maybe it's just the literary nerd in me but I really like movies which open with a quote of some kind, and the more obscure the better in my opinion. Gattaca opens with a pair of whoppers, the first is a poignant quote from Ecclesiastes 7:13, "consider god's handiwork who can straighten what he hath … Continue reading Movie Review: Gattaca

Movie Review: Inception

Inception is a really good movie, but despite the rave reviews and personal recommendations from people whose opinions I trust, it took me way too long to actually get around to watching this movie. Good or not, it's far from perfect, and lies heavily upon some pretty sketchy premises, but those don't notably impact my … Continue reading Movie Review: Inception