TV Review: Cops and Monsters (Season 1)

Cops and Monsters is a crowdfunded award winning web series which follows a Paranormal Investigation Team based in Scotland as they attempt to police the supernatural community. Today I'll be reviewing the six episodes that make up the first season. The New Recruit Opens with a training sequence of sorts, that blends perfectly into the … Continue reading TV Review: Cops and Monsters (Season 1)

TV Review: Demonologist for Hire (Season 1)

Demonologist for Hire is a web series that follows the adventures and misadventures of the Demonologist as he handles all sorts of supernatural issues. If you hear a bump in the night and don’t know what to do then call the Demonologist. Today I’ll be reviewing the four episodes that make up the first season. … Continue reading TV Review: Demonologist for Hire (Season 1)

Radio Review: Blocked – Sitcom Pilot

So this is a weird one, but something that I wanted to talk about anyway, Now I’m not sure how many people will know about, let alone remember this Radio 4 Pilot but I think not only is it worth talking about but also worth listening to as well. I’ll include a link at the … Continue reading Radio Review: Blocked – Sitcom Pilot

TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 3

“I'm a woman in the prime of her life who needs love-squeezins!” Episode 1 "Eels" Here we have another brilliant episode, like I can’t think of a single thing wrong with it and it has ‘The Hitcher’ in it, arguably the best character in the series. Anyways this episode has Naboo and Bollo going away … Continue reading TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 3

TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 2

“Some say he's half man, half fish. Others say it's more of a 70/30 split. Whatever the percentage, he's one fishy bastard.” I already did my Introduction to Mighty Boosh in my review of the first season of the series so I don’t want to repeat myself Instead I’ll just do a quick overview. The … Continue reading TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 2

Movie Review: Don’t Look Under the Bed

For no reason whatsoever I just remembered this film exists yesterday and so I decided to review it, when I described it to my fiancee she was sure I was talking about ‘Drop Dead Fred’ because both movies centre around imaginary Friends and their antics and both are probably a bit darker/adult that a kids … Continue reading Movie Review: Don’t Look Under the Bed

TV Review: Dragonball Super

Dragonball Super is the long awaited continuation of the Dragonball franchise. For anyone who is familiar with the storyline, the show takes place in a period of peace after the main characters have eradicated the powerful enemy called Majin Buu. As a massive fan of the series for most of my life I'd been eagerly … Continue reading TV Review: Dragonball Super

TV Review: Moonlight

I seem to be making a habit of reviewing shows which were cancelled before their time and this is no exception. I wouldn't say Moonlight added much to the Vampire mythos and I can think of at least three other shows off the top of my head that deals with a vampire working with Law … Continue reading TV Review: Moonlight

TV Review: No Ordinary Family

Like one of the other TV shows I've reviewed 'The Tomorrow People' this show dealt with people with superpowers and was sadly cancelled before it should have been but other than that they're a very different breed from each other. It seems Michael Chiklis really likes to smash he was a strong and gruff breaker … Continue reading TV Review: No Ordinary Family

TV Review: The Tomorrow People

The Tomorrow People is a surprisingly entertaining little show which succeeded in doing something that a lot of shows failed at...remaking a British show for the American Market. In fairness to that previous statement though it has some of the same bones as the British show but in many ways they are functionally very different. … Continue reading TV Review: The Tomorrow People

TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 1

“Come with us now on a Journey through Time and Space” Mighty Boosh was and still is one of my favourite shows. It clawed it was up from radio to a slot on the edgy new TV channel BBC 3. It did something new, it blended eclectic art design with surreal comedy to make a … Continue reading TV Review: The Mighty Boosh – Season 1

Movie Review: Blackball

“Cliff: Is it on the condom? Trevor: IT IS ON THE CONDOM!” Blackball has all the makings of a genuine classic but it never quite received the recognition I felt it deserved. In fact the reviews were largely mixed with some agreeing with me that it's a carefree and enjoyable little sport romp and others … Continue reading Movie Review: Blackball

Movie Review: DragonBall Z – Dead Zone

It might not be my favourite of the Dragonball Z movies, in fact now that I come to think about it it's not even in my top five but it does hold the proud honour of being the first movie to hold the Dragonball Z name (while being the fourth movie overall in the franchise) … Continue reading Movie Review: DragonBall Z – Dead Zone

Movie Review: Gattaca

"I was never more certain of how far I was away I was from my goal than when I was standing right beside it" I love the old Columbia logo. Something about the sound and the visual are just so iconic to me and spark a weird sense of nostalgia that I can't explain. I … Continue reading Movie Review: Gattaca

Movie Review: Inception

Inception is a good movie that I took forever to get around to watching. It isn't perfect and it relies heavily upon belief in some sketch premises to watch but other than that it's worth it. The movie also made a distinct mark on pop culture, I am speaking of course about the inception noise … Continue reading Movie Review: Inception