Interview with Fraser Coull (Cops and Monsters)

First off tell me about yourself and the role you play in the series? I’m the showrunner, so I came up with the initial concept for the show, and now I oversee everything from scripts, story, casting, crew, filming, editing, visual effects, music, sound and promotion. And please tell me about other key members of … Continue reading Interview with Fraser Coull (Cops and Monsters)

Interview with Brun Njua (Actress)

Brunhilda Njua (also known as Brun Njua) is multi award-winning Cameroonian actress and Model. She made her acting debut back in 2014 when she starred on the popular ITV TV series Judge Rinder where she took a photographer to court because he made promises of payment that he never fulfilled, you can in fact check … Continue reading Interview with Brun Njua (Actress)

Interview with Bryn Owen (Demonologist for Hire)

First off tell me about yourself and your role on the series? My name is Bryn Owen, I'm a writer based in Glasgow. I've been writing various film & television projects for years getting the opportunity to work with companies like BBC Alba and some big indies too. I'm the creator and writer of the … Continue reading Interview with Bryn Owen (Demonologist for Hire)

Interview with Olumide Fadeyibi (Turn Flicks)

Here we have an Interview with Olumide Fadeyibi a director, filmmaker and operator of Turn Flicks. I have a little chat with him where he talks about bringing Nollywood to Scotland. Okay so first off tell me where are you from? I am from Nigeria. When did you come to the UK and how old … Continue reading Interview with Olumide Fadeyibi (Turn Flicks)