Single Review: ÆUR – Lustral

ÆUR is a rock/thrash/experimental outfit from New Rochelle, New York and today I will be reviewing a track they sent to me, where they ‘honor the memory of NIRVANA/STP 90's grunge era style’. I was quite excited to review this entry as it was one of the submissions I got while I was taking a … Continue reading Single Review: ÆUR – Lustral

Single Review: Erection – Fuck You

Erection are a four piece, power punk group from Regensburg in Southeast Germany. Today I will be reviewing their single ‘Fuck You’ which was released on May 5th 2020. ‘Fuck You’ kicks off hard and fast with the eponymous line spoken right away, you feel the passion and intensity delivered by the group vocals. I … Continue reading Single Review: Erection – Fuck You

A History of Jack-o’-lanterns by Lilian Anderson

I wrote yesterday about how Trick or Treating originated in Scotland and Ireland and has been repackaged and returned to us in modern times with an American slant. Today’s Halloween tradition has also made the same journey. The carved pumpkin is a tradition which is now strongly associated with Halloween, but the tradition of the … Continue reading A History of Jack-o’-lanterns by Lilian Anderson

Cameo – A Shout-out to the Fans

I was recently introduced to an awesome platform called Cameo (although it has been around since March 2017). It’s a video sharing site created by Steven Galanis, Martin Blencowe, and Devon Spinnler Townsend which was made for the purpose of connecting celebrities with their fans. The creators realised how valuable interactions with these celebs was … Continue reading Cameo – A Shout-out to the Fans

Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

I started playing this game last year on the recommendation from someone at Game Centre, a now defunct retail store focusing on selling computer games and various other gaming paraphernalia. Tori B Bearly and I downloaded it immediately and just got sucked into it. It’s easily the equal of its sister games such as Mario … Continue reading Game Review: Mario Kart Tour

Single Review: Riiottt – TN (Freestyle)

Riiottt is a musician and self-described fairy who I first discovered because of Vice. I felt like they had good vibes so I thought I’d review their single ‘TN (Freestyle)’ which was released on March 13th 2020. ‘TN (Freestyle)’ starts off slow with a building synthy tone that rises and fades nicely, merging with some … Continue reading Single Review: Riiottt – TN (Freestyle)

Single Review: Leon Top – Devil’s Glass

Leon Top are a Japanese musical duo made up of twin sisters Mai and Yui Otsuka. Today I will be reviewing their single ‘Devil’s Glass’ which was released on July 27th 2020.  ‘Devil’s Glass’ opens with a synthy harmonic vocalisation that merges with electronic notes as the track weaves forward, a perfect blend of the … Continue reading Single Review: Leon Top – Devil’s Glass

Single Review: Laura Pieri – All I Need

Laura Pieri is a Brazilian born music artist from São Paulo, who is currently based in California. Today I will be reviewing her single ‘All I Need’ which was released on the 13th March 2020. ‘All I Need’ opens with a soft, melodic piano that immediately picks up, gaining momentum and a synthy vibe that … Continue reading Single Review: Laura Pieri – All I Need

Single Review: Aldo – Restless Animal

Aldo are a musical duo from São Paulo, Brazil composed of André Faria on Bass/Guitar/Vocals and Murilo Faria on Synths/Keyboards/Backing vocals. Today I will be reviewing their single ‘Restless Animal’ which was released on April 16th 2020. ‘Restless Animal’ as the name kind of suggests had a lot of energy, a fast driving bass/guitar driven … Continue reading Single Review: Aldo – Restless Animal

Single Review: Lydia Singer – Lemme Know

Lydia Singer is back, and she sounds incredible on her latest release 'Lemme Know'. Fusing modern hooks with a nostalgic foundation, Lydia pushes through with bite. Her quality is on display, and she blossoms as the track plays out, leaving us itching to hit replay.  'Lemme Know' starts with a tranquil opener with a simplistic … Continue reading Single Review: Lydia Singer – Lemme Know

Single Review: Da Poloman – Love At First Sight

'Love At First Sight' is the latest release to come from New Jersey rapper, Da Poloman and popular vocalist Sara Alavi. Instantly, I found the track emotional with its angelic piano opener. It pushes forward with comfort, and Sara greets the instrumental intro with a vocal performance which adds even more sentimental flavour. Furthermore, she … Continue reading Single Review: Da Poloman – Love At First Sight

Single Review: LZYBY – Frustration

LZYBY is making a mark for himself in modern pop with his latest release 'Frustration'. A track which sings for the modern times, LZYBY grips us instantly with a quality which we do not hear all too often in the contemporary chart. Furthermore, LZYBY finds influence from the greats from yesteryear, but he blends it … Continue reading Single Review: LZYBY – Frustration

Single Review: Rohas – The Valley

Rohas (or Tyler Rojas) is a singer/songwriter and concept artist from Bakersfield, California. This isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed his music either, you can check out what I thought of his EP ‘I’m Not Okay’ by clicking here. Today, however, I will be reviewing his single ‘The Valley’ which was released on the 17th … Continue reading Single Review: Rohas – The Valley

Single Review: Law Purda – Slouch Couch

Kieran Ward is a Glasgow based singer/songwriter, who named this new musical project ‘Law Purda’ in the form of an anagram as a tribute to his uncle Paul Ward who sadly passed away in November 2019. Today I will be reviewing his debut single ‘Slouch Couch’ which was released on May 23rd 2020. ‘Slouch Couch’ … Continue reading Single Review: Law Purda – Slouch Couch

Single Review: Lime Juice – Quietude

Lime Juice are back with their new track 'Quietude'. They have a sound which reminds me of the greats of this genre, but yet they bring something new to the party too. Taking us on a journey from the get-go, Lime Juice blend pop with good old indie rock. Kicking off is a gently strum … Continue reading Single Review: Lime Juice – Quietude