Sapienn EP ‘Hours of Despair’ Review

Sapienn 'Hours of Despair' EP Artwork

Sapienn is a solo acoustic project from Glasgow based singer-songwriter Scott Simpson, he began performing as Sapienn Midway through 2016 and by October had released his debut EP 'Hours of Despair' which I will be reviewing today. Sapienn has only been performing a relatively short amount of time but he is a true force of … Continue reading Sapienn EP ‘Hours of Despair’ Review

Sapienn ‘1955’ single Review

Sapienn '1955' single artwork

I’ve previously reviewed Sapienn so I’ll give an abbreviated introduction and just get to talking about his awesome music. Sapienn is a Glasgow based Singer/songwriter who came to music a little later in life than most but within a very short space of time has performed very widely. He released a single called ‘1955’ which … Continue reading Sapienn ‘1955’ single Review

Sapienn Album ‘A Black Sarcasm’ Review

Sapienn 'A Black Sarcasm' album artwork

Sapienn is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter from Glasgow, and while I’ve reviewed his music in the wrong order, I feel that at this point I know his style quite well. It's all very emotive and especially when you consider that this is his musical debut its all the more impressive. ‘Everything Is Spiders’ is a … Continue reading Sapienn Album ‘A Black Sarcasm’ Review

Jozi single ‘Braille’ Review


Jozi or ‘JoziisLit’ is an incredibly talented rapper and performer, he sent me the track I’m reviewing below on Twitter and I’m glad he did because it's always good you be introduced to fresh talent like his. Check it out. ‘Braille’ has a tight opening that generates suspense, it builds incredibly well then Jozi goes … Continue reading Jozi single ‘Braille’ Review

Franky’s Evil Party single ‘Dolph Lundgren’ Review

Franky's Evil Party 'Dolph Lundgren' Album Artwork

Franky’s Evil Party are a five piece dance/punk outfit from Dumfries made up of Josh Kirk on Vocals, Tam Skoosh on Guitar, Meg Dickinson-Hood on Guitar, Jordan Bigham on Bass and Max Thompson on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their debut single ‘Dolph Lundgren’ ‘Dolph Lundgren’ has a nice build to open with and some … Continue reading Franky’s Evil Party single ‘Dolph Lundgren’ Review

Car Crash Sisters Album ‘Sundance Sea’ Review

Sundance Sea Album Artwork

Car Crash Sisters are a four piece shoegaze/Alternative Rock band from Aguascalientes, Mexico made up of Kique J on Guitar and Vocals, Alma Saucedo on Guitar, John Bla Bla on Bass and Noel Legaspi on Drums. I’m going to be reviewing their latest album Sundance Sea, which I was lucky enough to be asked to … Continue reading Car Crash Sisters Album ‘Sundance Sea’ Review