Painting Rockets single ‘Exposed’ Review

Painting Rockets 'Exposed'

Painting Rockets are a scottish Alt-Rock band based in Edinburgh and today I’m going to be talking about their new single ‘Exposed’ which is due to come out on 16th March 2017. ‘Exposed’ opens with an excellent guitar section that builds in speed and intensity really quickly before being joined by vocalist Keli Thomson, whose … Continue reading Painting Rockets single ‘Exposed’ Review

Rats from a Sinking Ship Album ‘Fight the Future’ Review

Rats From A Sinking Ship - 'Fight The Future' Album Artwork

Rats from a Sinking Ship describe themselves as a ferocious, raw metal band. They stand for counter culture and being a voice for the masses, and this fierce political and anti-political trend is clear in their music. According to their Facebook they also consider themselves Rat Rock which sounds good to me. RFASS are made … Continue reading Rats from a Sinking Ship Album ‘Fight the Future’ Review

Cryptic Culture demo tracks Review

Cryptic Culture

Cryptic Culture are an alternative rock band from Glasgow made up of Jordan Greer on Rhythm Guitar/Vocals, Sean Gibson on Lead Vocals/Guitar, Dylan Blackstone on Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Alastair Grant on Drums and Caleb Zoolander on Bass. ‘Just Borrowed Time’ is a very energetic track, with an amazing intro, that sends chills down my spine, … Continue reading Cryptic Culture demo tracks Review

Ali McGowan single ‘My Name Is Ali’ Review

My Name is Ali Single Artwork

Ali McGowan is a central-belt-based musician and solo recording artist, who also performs and operates under the names ‘Klone’ and ‘Freonic’, this is the first of a couple of reviews I will be doing, for this I will be focusing on a track they released as Ali McGowan. This was the first track I heard … Continue reading Ali McGowan single ‘My Name Is Ali’ Review

Sounds Like Winter Album ‘Sticks and Stones’ Review

Sounds Like Winter - Sticks and Stones

Sounds Like Winter are a dark Alternative band from Sydney, Australia made up of Ant Banister on Vocals/Producer, Andi Lennon on Guitar/Vocals, Adrian Leppard on Bass and Leticia Olhaberry on Drums. ‘Blood Red’ his a really nice intro that blends percussive and guitar elements to create a really good sound and it leads perfectly into … Continue reading Sounds Like Winter Album ‘Sticks and Stones’ Review

Cousin Kenny EP ‘No Dogs Allowed’ Review

Cousin Kenny 'No Dogs Allowed'

Cousin Kenny are a five piece band from West Lothian that are made up of Jay Scally on Vocals/Guitar, Ross Grant on Lead Guitar, Robert Purdie on Keyboards/Synths, Johnny McClaren on Bass and Jack Purdie on Drums/Tambourine. Today I’m going to be reviewing their EP ‘No Dogs Allowed’ and keep an eye on Cousin Kenny’s … Continue reading Cousin Kenny EP ‘No Dogs Allowed’ Review

Chris Stapleton Album ‘From A Room: Vol 2’ Review

Chris Stapleton 'From a Room - Volume 2'

I’ve reviewed Chris Stapleton previously with Volume 1, of his ‘From A Room’ Album which you can check out here. But in case you didn’t see that or you don’t know who he is then I will say that Chris Stapleton is an American singer-songwriter whose music is classified as southern rock and Bluegrass. I … Continue reading Chris Stapleton Album ‘From A Room: Vol 2’ Review

Marshall Chipped Album ‘Time And Distance’ Review

Marshall Chipped

Marshall Chipped are an Indie Rock group based in Glasgow, made up of David Burns on Vocals/Guitar, Michael Werninck on Bass and Peter Werninck on Drums. Today I’ll be reviewing their Album ‘Time and Distance'. ‘Here Come The Cavalry’ I had a hard time deciding on this track, I really enjoyed it but it balanced … Continue reading Marshall Chipped Album ‘Time And Distance’ Review

A Shout From the Street – LK Projection

LK Projection Promo Image

LK Projection is a Glasgow based musical project from Stewart Cuthill, who usually works with David Macaulay but for this release he was joined by the musical talents of Davy Irvin and Martin McCann on guitars, Harry Motto on Bass and Michael Slevin on drums. Today I’ll be talking about ‘A Shout From the Street’ an … Continue reading A Shout From the Street – LK Projection

BEATASTIC Single ‘Blood and Moonlight’ Review


BEATASTIC are a Brighton based shoegaze/post punk/alternative rock outfit and today I’ll be reviewing the single ‘Blood and Moonlight’ from their double album 40 Moons Project.   ‘Blood and Moonlight’ has a very surreal almost warped intro, which comes from the Sea Organ based in Zadar, Croatia. A curious tourist attraction you should look up … Continue reading BEATASTIC Single ‘Blood and Moonlight’ Review