Author Interview: John Ulrich

John Ulrich Author Photo

So First off, tell me about yourself? My first interest was music. I found I had the talent to write songs, so I worked for a recording studio doing lyrical arrangements for the customers that wanted to record their own songs. My ambition now is to write something that will eventually be turned into a… Continue reading Author Interview: John Ulrich

Author Interview: M.R. Richardson

Interview with M.R. Richardson

First off, tell me about yourself? I’m a low class soldier coming to earth to plant the tree of might. What made you want to be a writer? I’ve always wanted to create. And what attracted you to writing in your specific genre, and do you stick with that consistently or do you change it… Continue reading Author Interview: M.R. Richardson

Author Interview: Tanisha Mackin

Tanisha Mackin Author Photo

Tell me about yourself? And what made you want to be a writer? I am born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I now reside in Georgia with my 2 beautiful children.  I am an award-winning 3x best-selling author and award-winning publisher. I began writing after my husband was murdered on our one-year wedding anniversary.… Continue reading Author Interview: Tanisha Mackin

Author Interview: Franklin Posner

Franklin Posner Photo

First off, tell me about yourself? My name is David Wilson, and my author pen-name is Franklin Posner. I’m from Gresham, a town right next to Portland, Oregon. I’ve lived there all my life. I became a published novelist for the first time in 2017, at the age of 48. What made you want to… Continue reading Author Interview: Franklin Posner

Author Interview: Jenni Gudgeon

Jenni Gudgeon Photo

First off, tell me about yourself? I’m a blue eyed, blue haired, photographic artist and writer from Fife, Scotland, who’s written and illustrated a book about the fairytale creatures who live in my local woods. My artwork is created by etching (or scraping) designs into the emulsion of my photographs, so I can combine the… Continue reading Author Interview: Jenni Gudgeon

Author Interview: Fjori Hysa

Interview with Fjori Hysa

Tell me about yourself? My name is Fjori Hysa. Born in 1990, from Albania. I graduated from physiotherapy with excellent grades. I love humans, I believe that Female is everything, she is just described,not compared. I also love writing, music, art, nature, reading, philosophy and animals. Now I'm writing my first book and hope to… Continue reading Author Interview: Fjori Hysa

Author Interview: Sierra Terry

Sierra Terry Interview

First off, tell me about yourself? I'm a goofy lady that was born and raised in VA by a creative mother that passed her creativity on to me! What made you want to be a writer? I don't think I ever really wanted to so much as it was just kind of a no brainer!… Continue reading Author Interview: Sierra Terry

Author Interview: Sylvia Correnaro

Sylvia Correnaro Photo

First off, tell me about yourself? So, I am 20, and began writing almost a year ago when I was 19. I was born in Washington, raised in Oregon, but I now live in Utah with my fiance. Beyond that, I live a very boring life, working in sales by day, spending the rest of… Continue reading Author Interview: Sylvia Correnaro

Author Interview: Jessica T Rogers

Jessica T Rogers Photo

Tell me about yourself? And what made you want to be a writer? I have always wanted to write. I love telling stories whether it is other people’s stories or my own. When I was a little girl, that was my favorite pastime. While the other kids in the neighborhood were out playing, I was… Continue reading Author Interview: Jessica T Rogers

Author Interview: Hal Duncan

Hal Duncan Author Photo

First off, Tell me about yourself? Well, the homophobic hate mail labelled me "THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!!" (sic) and that seems as good an intro as any. I'm a queer writer, mostly known for science fiction and fantasy, but I do a fair bit of spoken word too, not exactly the shy and retiring type,… Continue reading Author Interview: Hal Duncan