Single Review: Josiah Mortimer – This Town

Josiah Mortimer's 'This Town' is out now and the Brixton acoustic singer is giving all funds generated to UK charity FareShare, which you are welcome to donate to via this link. The charity is working to solve hunger problems in the UK, and each stream and download will help feed the most vulnerable.  'This Town' … Continue reading Single Review: Josiah Mortimer – This Town

Single Review: Untold Poet – Don’t Understand

Untold Poet wears his heart on his sleeve on his latest release, 'Don't Understand'. It is a release which speaks about current society with Untold Poet expressing how the world is unfair with prejudice and inequality. He is the spokesman for goodwill, and he stands up for everyone who is suffering. His delivery is mesmerising, … Continue reading Single Review: Untold Poet – Don’t Understand

Single Review: Thomas Atlas – Got This Feeling

Thomas Atlas is grooving his way through 2021 with his new release 'Got This Feeling'. The fresh release is a standout and the Birmingham singer bosses it with a delivery which charms from the instant.  Musically, the entire track is medicine to the ears of anyone looking to get away from the craziness of the … Continue reading Single Review: Thomas Atlas – Got This Feeling

Single Review: BeckMilli – Gotham

BeckMilli is back with a new gem, 'Gotham'. Her release arrives when UK hip hop is flying high, and the rapper cements her name deep into the modern songbook.  Taking hints from Wiley and Skepta, the rapper still brings a new approach to the scene and her ability to smash with no dissonance proves captivating. … Continue reading Single Review: BeckMilli – Gotham

Single Review: Zipten – Midnight Walk

'Midnight Walk' is the latest offering from innovative Italian producer, Zipten. Similar to his previous releases, Zipten fires home with conviction, and he takes us on a journey from the get-go. Musically, 'Midnight Walk' is a concoction of nostalgic hooks with a futuristic vibe—quite the paradox but an interesting progression all the same. I relish … Continue reading Single Review: Zipten – Midnight Walk

Single Review: Minna Ora – Sea

Minna Ora is completing her quest to become an indie-folk heavyweight, and she takes giant leaps with her fresh release, 'Sea'. It is a concoction of natural components, and it breaks down the industry walls with intensity. Furthermore, Minna takes us down a new path, and although her sound is not a criterion, it still … Continue reading Single Review: Minna Ora – Sea

Single Review: Julia Thomsen – New Beginnings

‘New Beginnings’ is quickly becoming a festive favourite with Julia Thomsen unleashing the charm from the get-go.  It kicks off with a festive overture which is similar to many film scores which rose onto the Christmas scene decades before now. I believe this to be a strong influence for this composition with many thinking it … Continue reading Single Review: Julia Thomsen – New Beginnings

Single Review: Zipten – Volcano Sunset

Zipten is back up to his old tricks with his new release, 'Volcano Sunset'. Taking us far from the winter months, this new release takes us to a sunny destination with an Ibiza style soundscape.  Kicking off, Zipten hits the mix with a firm smash, a brass arrangement leaps out, and a groovy beat gets … Continue reading Single Review: Zipten – Volcano Sunset

Single Review: Kendow – We Will Survive The Coronavirus

In the words of Kendow, 'We Will Survive The Coronavirus'. His latest hit sees the British producer team up with Vanessa Bartley, and between them, they smash through the craziness of the modern world with a message of hope.  Kicking off we hear a school bell which rings out before a synth lead which fastens … Continue reading Single Review: Kendow – We Will Survive The Coronavirus

Single Review: Suman – Let Go

Suman and her producer, Ayo Beatz team up again for their new delivery, 'Let Go'. It is a track about struggling to part ways with a loved one and Suman pierces at our heartstrings with an unforgettable performance.  Musically, the track gets underway with a slick guitar which sits on top of a clapping drum … Continue reading Single Review: Suman – Let Go

Walking by Laura Lodahl

The past is a place I know well, well enough to be myself, to breathe, to sing, to dance, to hold on. It has been walking on my side ever since I was born. Yesterday is close, tangible, complete. When I look back at the beginning, I find pieces of myself which I have left … Continue reading Walking by Laura Lodahl

Single Review: Zipten – Cube Escape

Zipten cruises out of Italy with his latest electronic driving anthem 'Cube Escape'. It is a track which provides us with a soundscape with memorably quality and the direction which the instrumental goes in, is relentless from the get-go! Kicking off we hear the producer delve deep with a booming beat which kicks to the … Continue reading Single Review: Zipten – Cube Escape

Single Review: Tanaka Makoni – The Streets

Tanaka Makoni continues her quest to become the queen of UK rnb and hip hop, and she pushes herself even closer with her new release, 'The Streets'.  Furthermore, the new track follows her strong previous release, 'Lust', and although it follows a similar pattern, the mix comes with a unique quality which is difficult to … Continue reading Single Review: Tanaka Makoni – The Streets

Single Review: D•SIPAUL – It’s No Good

D•SIPAUL captivates with his new electronic fused anthem, 'It's No Good'. It is the type of track which you can play time and time again, and each time it brings something new.  It all gets underway with a subterranean bass which rises to the top of the mix with a quirky texture. The beat then … Continue reading Single Review: D•SIPAUL – It’s No Good

Samhain – Witches New Year by Lilian Anderson

The 31st October and the surrounding days are a special time for many cultures, from the Día de Muertos (The Day of the Dead) in Mexico to the Christian All Saints' Day (also known as All Hallows' Day) and of course the secular Halloween celebrations. The pagan wheel of the year celebrates Samhain from sunset … Continue reading Samhain – Witches New Year by Lilian Anderson