Single Review: Minna Ora – Wind

With ‘Wind’, Finnish singer-songwriter Minna Ora takes her musical style to previously unexplored territories. The song is a follow-up to one of her earlier releases, ‘Sea’, which we also reviewed, and you can check that out here. It picks up exactly where she left off a few years ago, reaching for the top with high-octane fervour!

‘Wind’ displays the artistic vision Minna has been crafting recently, allowing her to pull herself through the indie-rock competition. She also transmits a folky texture and even a folk-metal edge that seeps out from the production at various points. The vocal hook is one of the song’s best parts, and Minna’s story is both moving and motivating. In addition, she talks about conquering a challenge in one’s life and how, even though the storm may be roaring and coming at us with full power, the sensation will not stay forever, ultimately leaving behind a calm space.

The new song is a level up from the last, and the mix has a stellar quality at its core. In addition, the drums have a distinct piercing sound, the guitars tear through the air, and the bass establishes a steady groove in which various other sounds, including synths, exist. The harmony and solo towards the end also provide a newly discovered vibrancy to the encounter, and the tune leaves us hungry to wait for her next offering.

You can check our review of Minna’s other single ‘Fire’ by clicking here, and you can check out ‘Wind’ the single we discussed today over on Spotify by clicking here. Make sure and follow the artist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Jack Kirby is a music journalist with plenty of years of experience in music press under his sleeve.

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