Food Review: Boost Energy (Various Flavours)

Boost Energy Drinks are the main product sold by British drinks company, Boost Drinks Limited, they are primarily sold in convenience stores, independent retail chains and similar places. The company was founded back in June 2001 by a graduate of Leeds Metropolitan University, Simon Gray, who used a bank loan of £30,000 to fund his new venture, from the get go he always intended to target more independent sellers, as he felt his product would otherwise have been oversaturated by the bigger brands on offer. Since starting, Boost has continued to grow, and is now available in over 12 countries, selling a variety of flavours, and products including protein drinks and an iced coffee range. 

So this is very light and tangy, and sweet without being overbearing on the palate. I’ve tried most of the mixed fruit energy drinks on the market, from the own brand products offered by supermarkets like Morrisons, Tesco and Asda, to independent brands like Boost and Emerge, and I’ve found that although there’s obvious overlap in the tastes, that Boost has a very distinct flavour and it ranks highly, and is one of my favourites. 

This is very soft and light on the palate, I’ve found that sometimes despite how much I love the flavour, that Mango can be just a little too sweet when used in energy drinks. However, like with this one, when it’s done right it’s so satisfying. It’s super tasty, just the perfect balance of freshness, and the natural sweetness, without it ending up cloying or syrupy. 

Exotic Fruits
So this one is super light, and yet it blends all of these wonderful fruity flavours together so well. If I had to make one small complaint though I would have liked it if this one had just a little bit more pineapple in it, I think it would have really kicked it up a notch, but overall, it’s still super tasty, and tangy and so good. 

Fruit Punch
This is the third boost product that I’ve tried which is a blend of what are conventionally thought of as tropical fruit flavours, and yet despite the obvious overlap in flavours they managed to do something different with each one, I think you could have them side by side, and manage to pick them out individually. It’s really cool how you can play around with the same flavours and yet end up with something so different. It’s more full bodied and syrupy, but with a nice, pleasing tartness. This one feels more mango forward, but for obvious reasons not as mango forward as the actual mango flavoured one. I think this one is a little fizzier than the other two tropical flavoured ones. 

So this is super tart, but never progresses to being sour. It gets you salivating, and has a really smooth, refreshing and effervescent sharpness that is well worth trying. Much like the other boost flavours, this one is light on the palate, while still being strong on flavour. 

This one is also very tart, but it balances it out with a super sweet, tanginess that is very refreshing. I like cherry as a flavour, but it’s not usually my favourite, and yet Boost really pulls it off, finding a nice mix between the complex, deep flavour that cherry often has, and a heady sweetness that softens and blends throughout. 

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