Food Review: Boost Energy – Juic’d (Various Flavours)

Boost Energy, is a British energy drink, from Boost Energy Limited, I’ve previous reviewed some of their original line of energy drinks which you can check out here, but today I will be reviewing their new addition, Boost Juic’d which focuses on more exotic fruit flavour mixes, and includes 5% Real fruit juice as well. The Boost Juic’d range also comes exclusively in larger 500ml cans, which are double the size of their standard 250ml for most of their other energy drinks.

Watermelon & Lime Twist
This one is so great, super smooth with just an immediate burst of flavour, the counterpoint between the lightness and sweetness of the watermelon, and the sharpness, and tartness of the lime, which really ties the whole thing together. It’s super refreshing, and it’s a very interesting flavour combination that I really enjoyed trying. 

Mango & Tropical Blitz
This one is also super sweet and refreshing, but it has a hard edge to it, not an unpleasant one, but instead one that’s derived from the robust syrupy flavour of the mango, and emboldened by an earthier, deeper flavour from the passion fruit. 

Pineapple & Guava Punch
Much like with the previous entry on this list, this one takes a fresh infusion of fruity flavour, and blends together an upfront sweetness, with a harder note on the palate. In terms of general flavour combinations, I much prefer Pineapple and Guava in general, so I already knew this one was going to taste good, but oh my god it was perfect. The tangy freshness of the pineapple is really mixed well with the deeper taste of the guava, and overall it’s  a really flavourful and sweet drink.

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2 thoughts on “Food Review: Boost Energy – Juic’d (Various Flavours)

  1. I have seen Boost Energy drinks around, but I never tried them for myself. The Juic’d ones do sound good, and I think I would like the pineapple and guava punch one the most.


    1. Yeah I can’t recommend them highly enough. Great tasting and affordable, plus the Juic’d range are even better due to the bigger can and the infusion of real fruit juice 🙂

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