Food Review: Bang Energy (Various Flavours)

Bang Energy is a brand of energy drink produced by Vital Pharmaceuticals, a business based in Florida, owned by CEO Jack Owoc. Both the brand, and its CEO have gained considerable traction online due to their bold image and attention grabbing visuals. As of 2020, Bang is apparently the third highest selling energy drink in the United States, right behind Monster and Red bull.

I first became aware of Bang Energy drink in late 2020 when I first saw this video by YouTuber, musician and former viner Danny Gonzalez, and as much as that video took a sort of tongue in cheek approach to talking about Bang, my interest was piqued. It wasn’t until American Munchies opened up in Kilmarnock however, that I was finally able to try some of the Bang Energy drink range. I actually recently posted a Tik Tok trying one of the flavours offered by Bang, and you can check that out here, feel free to give me a follow over there as well.

Peach Mango
This one is so sweet, but with like the perfect blend of fresh, fruity flavours. They work off one another really well, and you manage to pick out the distinct flavours, rather than them sort of merging into a single indistinct one. I would say that the peach is marginally more prominent, but the deeper flavour profile of the mango, helps to embolden the overall taste. There’s also a tartness which I personally think works really well. I wasn’t sure what to think about Bang, but if all of the products they offer are as good as this one then I look forward to trying them.

Bangster Berry
This one is super tart, with very deep heavy flavours. It’s sweet without being overly cloying, although I had a hard time picking out any specific berry flavours. To be honest, I got an almost grapey undertone at first, which blended out to something similar to blueberry or blackberry, but I could equally be convinced that I’m thinking of those specific berries because of the colour and branding on the can. Either way though, it’s very tasty.

Wyldin’ Watermelon
It’s so clean and light and refreshing, with such a lovely, and sweet effervescent watermelon flavour. It doesn’t have any bitter or harsh notes that linger on the palate, instead it’s just very smooth and rich, and incredibly moreish. 

Birthday Cake Bash
So this one has a really deep, pronounced and distinctive flavour. I’ll say upfront that it really does taste like birthday cake. I recently tried the Hershey’s Birthday cake flavour Kisses, and they also managed to perfectly replicate the flavour. It’s uncanny how well they managed to simulate the taste of birthday cake, but without the obviously claggy texture you’d find with actually eating cake. It also has a similar flavour profile to cream soda, overall though it’s very sweet and tasty, and I recommend you try it. It’s actually the first drink I reviewed for Tik Tok, as you can see via the link above. 

Bang Star Blast
It is incredibly sweet, and straddles the line between evoking candy, and some sort of tropical fruit. It has an almost syrupy sweetness that while light on the palate lingers, and all together is a very robust and flavourful drink. 

Frosé Rosé
So as a fan of a nice Rosé, I have to say this does not taste like Rosé, which is not to say that it’s bad tasting, just that it couldn’t quite simulate the exact tastes you’d find from a fine vineyard. I will say that it does have the complex and hearty flavours of a nice sparkling wine or juice drink, something like Shloer if I had to narrow it down. So it has a lovely sweetness and a lighter berry note which hits right at the back of the palate. It’s got quite a pronounced flavour, with a hard jolt of caffeine that comes through directly after you finish your first mouthful. It also has a slightly tart aftertaste, which really ties the whole thing together. 

Rainbow Unicorn
So this is a hard taste to describe, I’ll say upfront that it’s super tasty and I’d definitely buy it again, but it’s a very strange flavour, it’s really the sweetness that you notice first rather than any specific flavour. After a few sips though, you pick up what I felt were hints of watermelon, and a candy like flavour which Tori B Bearly felt tastes like Refreshers (a sweet popular in the UK) and I thought tasted more like cotton candy. Either way it’s very pleasant, very light and refreshing, but If I were to issue a warning, it’s very sweet and might not suit everyone. 

Delish Strawberry Kiss
This one is very bright and fresh and flavour, and it’s very tangy upfront without being overpowering on the palate. I think the strawberry flavour has a lot more in common with a nice strawberry infused cocktail such as a daiquiri than something like a strawberry flavoured soft drink or a milkshake, but the result either way is something very pleasant. It’s very tasty, and goes down smooth, with a subtle bite to it, from the caffeine that really makes it even more appealing. 

Whole Lotta Chocolata
So when I took my first sip of this one I felt it was kinda meh, it actually reminded me of a milkshake, but like one of the SlimFast milkshakes (which I’ll actually be discussing on the site in a week or two). The second sip, and each subsequent one got better, I think it takes a while for it to really build up on the palate. It has a fresh sort of tanginess, which when coupled with the creaminess of a milky chocolate, and a pronounced depth of flavour results in something which is very unique and interesting. I will add that I don’t think this specific flavour is for everyone, but It’s worth a try, and I think I’ll probably get it again. 

Key Lime Pie
I absolutely love Key Lime Pie, I think it’s probably one of my favourite desserts, and it’s a major pain for me that it’s not more widely popular or available here in the UK. Bang’s Key Lime Pie is very sweet, and it manages to replicate the refreshing and citrus boosted flavour of the aforementioned dessert without just being cloying. I think it really replicates the taste of key lime pie, and it manages not to be too tart or sour, but does have a pleasant and subtle tang, which also works really well for me. There’s also a distinctly creamy note, which again lines up well with the overall taste of Key Lime Pie. I think this one ranks very highly for me, it might even be my favourite.

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