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Now full disclosure before we move on, I really had intended to release this article much sooner, especially since Bhabie herself has said that it wasn’t receiving as much press coverage but unfortunately due to mental health issues, I had to take a break away from the site, and so albeit a little later than I would prefer, we are getting this posted today.

So I have talked about Danielle Bregoli (a.k.a Bhad Bhabie) before on the site, in fact If I’m not mistaken I’ve reviewed the majority of their discography over the past two or three years. I think one of the reasons I gravitated toward Bregoli in the first place was because they were suddenly catapulted into the spotlight because of a difficult moment in the youth, and I felt that people heaped judgement and scorn on them, for what amounts to an impression gleaned from a meme. 

To elaborate on that a little, Bhabie first came to the attention of the general public after an appearance on Dr. Phil, which spawned a catchphrase that doesn’t need to be repeated in this article. She has publicly spoken about how she hates the meme, and how the episode only tells one part of a narrative. I admire her for talking about this, and for being so vocal about her struggles. Also considering the enormity of the fame and attention that she suddenly had to deal with, it’s even more impressive that she’s remained so level headed. 

As I briefly covered in my opening paragraph, Bhabie managed to parlay this newfound attention and celebrity into a music career. She has collaborated with dozens of other noted rap artists, and has produced more than a dozen singles, as well as a debut mixtape. I don’t want this article to focus too heavily on anything other than the main item up for discussion, but I just want to include very quickly that Bhabie is a legitimately talented rapper, and I’m looking forward to more from them in the future.

She’s clearly proven herself to be savvy, as upon turning eighteen, she opened an OnlyFans account, and within six hours had already reached over 1 million dollars in revenue. 

Now, it would be very easy for Bhabie to spend her wealth excessively, it is after all her prerogative as she earned the money, however not content with just spending the money on herself she has decided to put the money to work so to speak, to help the next generation get into work.

That’s right, as of August 22nd 2022, Bhad Bhabie is donating 1.7 million dollars of her own money to provide support for people, as part of a fantastic educational scholarship programme. The ‘Bhad Scholarship’ is run in partnership with Educapital Foundation, an organisation which aims to provide those people in low income areas, the opportunity to seek further education and advancement. 

The Scholarship intends to award 1,000 students with 1,000 dollars to help them progress on to technical and trade schools nationwide. Additionally, the scholarship is offering 500,000 dollars, in 10,000 dollar increments to aid in startup capital, so that 50 graduates can pursue their own entrepreneur goals upon graduation. Lastly, they are offering twenty lucky students 10,000 dollars as part of a full-ride scholarship towards local trade school tuition or other higher education expenses. 

Even more amazingly, however, after seeing the enormous success of the launch, and the obvious high demand for such a fund, Bhabie supplied a further 1 million dollars to the project. As you can probably see, the scholarship focuses on encouraging graduates to move into Trade schools, with the focus on ensuring the applicants, if successful, are going to learn important life skills which will help them with future employment. 

According to Bhabie, as quoted in this exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the reason why she created the scholarship “I know that there’s a lot of kids out there that really want to get real jobs and want to work hard, but they just don’t have the money to provide it”

Due to the existing framework provided by Educapital Foundation, the scholarship is already partnered with a variety of nationally accredited and vetted schools nationwide and they will continue to add new schools and programs on an ongoing basis.

You can check out more about the scholarship, and apply via this link and you can support Bhabie by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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