I have been making more of an effort lately to find and promote a greater variety of artists and creatives with our content. This has naturally led me to search for people, both established and indie who I feel deserve more attention on their work. 

Today, I would like to boost and promote Charlotte Jafari, the owner and proprietor of FEM POP! a business based in America, which produces a variety of hand-made jewellery. You can find, and follow Charlotte on Twitter and Instagram if you are interested. I really like their online presence, they seem very positive and genuine, and it’s another contributing factor to me talking about their business.

So as I touched on above, everything sold on FEM POP! is 100% hand-made, and from everything I’ve seen it’s all done to an incredibly high standard. I’m a huge supporter of hand-made designs and craftsmanship, as you get those minor differences and changes between items which make it more unique and special, at least in my opinion. I particularly like that Charlotte produces the thing from start to finish, from the conception of the design, through the manufacturing, to the painting process. It’s a very nice touch, and again, it lends a sense of authenticity and originality to the products she sells. 

Something else that I really like is that they are also open to commissions, it just means that if you like the style or vibe of the creator but couldn’t quite find something that suits your fancy (which would be a huge surprise as they’ve got a good range of items on offer) then you can reach out to see what’s possible. I’ll link the socials down below, because it’s probably best to follow them on social media so you’ll know when their commissions are open. 

So FEM POP! do a diverse range of jewellery, and accessories, I honestly feel that there is something to suit everyone available in the shop. I talked in another promo that I’m not a huge jewellery person, purely just because I tend to fidget with whatever I’m wearing and would end up breaking any jewellery that I do where but I’ll admit from an entirely aesthetic point of view, as someone who doesn’t really wear much of it, that the stuff they do have is so cool, and more important also looks study and well crafted.

As the fiancee to a practising witch, and the future son-in-law to another, my entire life is steeped in witchy aesthetics, so I was especially drawn to the Fems Love Potion Earrings, which not only looked adorable, and will most likely be a Christmas present for Tori B Bearly, but also look like the perfect size, not too big, not too small. Plus despite the cute aesthetic they still look functional as well. Also, as you may have guessed from their nickname, but Tori loves bears, so I see another potential Christmas gift in the Yummy Gummy Bear Earring Set, which I personally found to be really charming, plus with the variable colour options you can purchase multiple and mix and match.

As well as earrings, they also do a nice mix of necklaces, I had a real hard time narrowing down which I liked the most as they were all really cute. I think I landed on either the Extra Life Pixel Heart Necklace, which not only speaks to the gamer inside me, but was gorgeously made, or the Retro Skull Choker which was absolutely fabulous. I think despite my bad track record with jewellery that I might actually grab the skull choker for myself as I really like it.

I really enjoyed the collections on offer, they incorporate some overall themes present in a lot of the jewellery on offer, specifically the cute aesthetic and the sugar sweet imagery, I mean we have the little jelly bears (which also come in Keychain form), the lovely candy sprinkle necklace and the candy hearts bracelet (and earrings) just to name a few. 

I positively love everything on FEM POP! and with their fair and reasonable prices, high quality goods and international shipping options available as well, I’m confident that you will too. 

So I think that’s all I’ve got to say at the moment about FEM POP! and I strongly encourage you to check them out for yourself. You can visit their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, I know that as we continue to fall further into a cost of living crisis, you may not be able to buy anything at the moment, but please remember FEM POP! in the future, and if you can please like and/or share their posts so more people can see it. 

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