Chaotic Bling

So as regular visitors to the site will know, one of our guiding principles here on Off the Record is that we endeavour where possible to boost, promote and support other creators through our content. For a couple of years now I’ve been following internet personality, Fay Kanevsky, more popularly known as Faythefae or FaytheGay, on social media.

Not only do they create a lot of fun and engaging videos, but their content is often body positive, LGBT+ positive and spreads awareness and positivity for people with disabilities. I was particularly engaged with their advocacy videos, and how open and willing to discuss the challenges of living with a disability. This does not even begin to cover the breadth of their content, and I think what first encouraged me to check out their content was how wholesome, positive, kind and supportive they seemed, and how authentic their social media presence seemed.

If you would like to follow them, you can find all of their social media links by clicking here, but for now let’s move on to the purpose of this article. On top of running several social media accounts with enormous followings, they also run their own business, Chaotic Bling, which is a shop selling a variety of art and jewellery. The whole shop, and everything sold, are very much a singular vision of the unique, colourful and wonderful sense of style of Fae.

They have a whole range of awesome stuff on offer, now full disclosure I’m not a big jewellery person, I’ve found that due to my ADHD I tend to fidget around with anything that I wear and It invariably ends up broken. So I was more immediately drawn to the hats and other clothing, and not just because I absolutely adore crocheted clothing, but also because they look so cool and so well made. Also as the treasurer of Kilmarnock’s premier LGBT+ group, Unity League. I really like the representation, and I think I’ll try and grab the Bi pride fingerless fishnet gloves. Also isn’t the Froggy hat just perfect, you try having a bad time while wearing that hat, I guarantee it’ll be impossible. 

Anyway, despite saying that I’m not a huge fan of Jewelry, I do have lots of friends with a similar vibe and style to Fay, and I’ve got a couple of birthdays ahead, plus the annual Christmas shopping panic still ahead of me, and all of the jewellery looks amazing too. It’s all very cute, and I like that there’s clearly some experimentation going on, it’s not just one concept repeated. The Goodnight Lamb Beaded Earrings in particular are to die for!

Also Halloween may be over and done with but much like Scrooge, in the Christmas Carol did with Christmas, I was visited by three spooky ghosts on All Hallows’ Eve, and now plan to keep the spirit of Halloween with me all year long. So to celebrate this new found spooky festive spirit, I plan on grabbing this Halloween candy Witch Crystal beaded necklace, as it’s super rad.

I’m not sure if it’s related, or if it’s a whole other venture but on top of crafting and manufacturing all of the pieces for Chaotic Bling, Fay is also a traditional artist as well, I think that their artwork is absolutely tremendous. As someone who appreciates art, but has absolutely no artistic skill themselves I am in awe of how talented Fay is. Tori B Bearly, my full-time graphic designer, and long term partner, who is far more artistically inclined agrees. You can check out a few of my favourite pieces below, and check out the rest via their Instagram.

So I strongly urge you to go ahead and check out Chaotic Bling for yourself, which you can do via visiting their website, or on Instagram. Even if you can’t afford to purchase anything, please, like and share their work so that more people can see it.

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